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  1. Anyone plasti dip their hinges? Will it prevent rusting?

    I can almost guarantee that that will not help. The doors and hood are corroding from the inside out. But it may cover it up so you won't notice it. I bought my 2018 JL in August 2018 and I noticed there was a nickel-sized area of corrosion in May 2019. It takes only a few months to start.
  2. rusting hinges

    I'm really sorry that you too are a member of the rust bucket club. Keep an eye on the hinges on your hood. When I brought mine in to get fixed (for the third time) the service rep also pointed out that mine were corroding in addition to the hinges on both my driver and passenger doors...
  3. What was your previous daily driver?

    There is quite the interesting mix of previous cars. I thought for sure 99% of everyone on here would be on their second wrangler, at least. I'm new to Jeep. My last car was an '03 Hyundai Tiburon; drove it until the wheels damn near fell off.
  4. rusting hinges

    This same thing is happening to the area around my hinges! I bought my jeep in August 2018 and first noticed the rust/oxidation in May 2019. The dealership refused to fix it and told me it's just a paint imperfection. However this imperfection on the driver's door is growing and now I noticed it...