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  1. California 33" BFG KO2 (Less than 250 miles -5 Tires in Total)

    Sorry, I actually got rid of them yesterday off of Craig's List. I apologize.
  2. California 33" BFG KO2 (Less than 250 miles -5 Tires in Total)

    Good morning. Your current tires should have the tpms in them. I am only selling the tires. I do not know for certain they will fit on a stock JL, but I imagine they would. You could probably find the answer pretty easily on this forum. Thanks for your interest.
  3. California Sold: 33" BFG KO2 (Less than 250 miles -5 Tires in Total)

    33" BFG KO2 that came off my 2021 Rubicon. I put less than 250 miles on them before I got a new lift and bigger tires. 5 in total. - $800.00 Los Angeles
  4. California 2021 Rubicon Suspension (4 Door)

    I just took them off my 2021 Rubicon and they have about 100 miles on them. $300.00
  5. Where do I post 2021 Rubicon BFG 33" tires & Suspension to sell? (So Cal)

    I apologize if this is not the appropriate thread to post on, but 'm new to the forum and I didn't know where to post items for sale. I have less than 200 miles on the tires and 100 on the suspension. I would like to get $300.00 for the suspension and $1000.00 for all 5 BFGs.
  6. California Spare Tire Mount Question

    Thank you for your feedback and advice. That was very helpful. I had another question, how much does the speedometer readout differ running 35s from the stock 33s?
  7. California Spare Tire Mount Question

    I lifted my 2021 Rubicon with the mopar 2" lift. I wanted to run 35s, but the dealer said I would have to upgrade my spare tire mount to accommodate the weight difference between the 33" tire that is currently on it. Is this true, and does anyone have 35s on their stock wheel mount? Thanks for...