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  1. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    I have a (mostly) fully-loaded 21 JLUR, took it offroad 2 weeks after getting it. That's why I bought it, and I friggin love every minute of owning it!
  2. New Rubicon Owner/Ex-TRD Off Road Owner

    Welcome dude, enjoy with the family!
  3. I sold my wrangler to Vroom, and here's why...

    Congrats on the 3rd kiddo Dad, start saving up for a Wagoneer :)
  4. As a new 392XR owner...

    Do you know the way to San Jose?
  5. Method Race Wheels... 701, 703, or 704? (In matte black)

    Looks amazing, how many inches (if at all) do the wheels stick out past the fenders? TY!! And sorry, I know this post is 5 months old :)
  6. Steps for Rubicon AND rock rails?

    Haha awesome, thanks man - great looking jeep too! (Sting Gray FTW)
  7. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    I changed my flag grill to my (new) Christmas lights grill
  8. And my husband said...

    Was this the only road to the mall?
  9. I don't mind that folks ask me about my Atlas steps...

    I'm not familiar with them, what's so special? also i probably should google it, which i will now lol (sorry, a few drinks deep and enjoying myself)
  10. As a new 392XR owner...

    If Fred Flintstone knew the giant order of ribs was going to tip over his car, why did he order them every week?
  11. Steps for Rubicon AND rock rails?

    Just following up on this, it's been a few years now - got pics, and how's your wife like em? I'm looking for sliders/steps for my 5'3 asian wife... lol Thanks! :)
  12. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Can you fit 5 rubicon wheels AND tires in the back of a jeep (JLUR)? If i take it to a shop to get new wheels and 35's, will i be able to fit my old wheels/tires in back?
  13. Fixed my key from popping out the Fob

    These are like a hard coated plastic - not heavy at all, and easy to put on the key. They're a bit 'shiney', but assuming you don't mind that, they're great! As for the disabling of the panic alarm, good to know - i'll have to get a tazer mini in the future - ty!
  14. Fixed my key from popping out the Fob

    I bought key holders from amazon, no more hitting the horn/emergency button either! They're a bit 'shiny, but do the job nicely . I got one red, and one blue - can post pictures of my own if anybody would like to see them - but they're pretty much as pictured here.
  15. Finally fixed my death wobble!!

    Good stuff, thanks for the detailed write up! I'm also posting this here so I can easily reference it in the future, if needed :-)
  16. Front bumpers that accept OEM LED fog lights without modification?

    That looks great! Sorry I'm a bit new to jeeping, would you be able to mount after market lights on that, or does it need a mounting point? Sorry, a total newbie question I know! :-) Thanks
  17. Non wrangler owners, why the JL?

    I just got mine 1 1/2 months ago and love it - came from an Audi Q5. Went offroading in Sedona a few times with my 5 year old, loved jeeps since I was a kid, figured now's a good of a time as any! Definitely loving it, no regrets :)
  18. End Cap Missing from Behind Rock Rail? JLUR

    Thanks, just wanted to make sure nothing popped up one or both sides. First Jeep, came from an Audi Q5 (nice but boring), learning more about 'it's a jeep thing' every day and i friggin love it! LOL