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  1. Aftermarket Exhaust

    Hey guys, I’m wanting to find out what kind of aftermarket exhaust system you’re running (brand, axle back or catback), and what your experiences are so far? If able to choose again would you pick something different and why? Thanks a million, Misty
  2. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Hi everyone I haven’t checked-in in forever! Easy Does It is now called Heathen and has gotten more upgrades with plenty more still in the works!
  3. Axle Info: NEW Front and Rear Axles for 2018 JL Wrangler Sport, Sahara & Rubicon

    Does anyone know if there’s a schematic diagram for the m186 and m200 available yet?
  4. On-board Air

    So far your set up is all I’ve seen til now. I keep top and doors off unless I really need one or the other or That is some fine machinery!
  5. On-board Air

    Hey I’m looking to see who has on board air and where did you mount? Pics greatly appreciated!
  6. Re-Gearing a JLU

    I have not yet, I’ve been advised to keep it under 40 mph for at least a full tank gas then change oil before going higher speeds. I can say though so far it gets into 4th pretty quick and it just wants to go!
  7. Re-Gearing a JLU

    I went to a local shop, New Mexico Gear & Clutch, recommended by people I wheel with and who build crawlers
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Picked up Easy Does It, from the shop yesterday after having the 3.45 gears swapped for 4.56 and a front air locker installed. Just before shop, a gas door was added can follow my little sport on instagram @easydoesit_0lllllll0_
  9. Re-Gearing a JLU

    Mine is the M186 front and M200 rear w/out LSD. I did add an air locker to front and plan on add to rear at some point.
  10. elocker on Sport S

    Gears have been swapped and air locker installed. Shop said it was a routine install now I just need to get passed the break in period and get it out on the highway and on some rocks to really see the difference!
  11. Re-Gearing a JLU

    Hey there, I have the sport and just did a swap for 4.56 on 33’s and so far no error messages. I’m about 35 miles into the break in period and plan on doing 35’s when my lift comes in.
  12. elocker on Sport S

    Front Locker: Gears: Don’t forget about air compressor, hose and programmer
  13. elocker on Sport S

    I took the dive and got the ARB RD100 air locker for the front for now, rear will have to come later. Locker and compressor have already arrived and now I am waiting for the gear overhaul kits and tazer programmer to arrive by Sunday. Sooooo, hopefully she'll be upgraded before next weekend!
  14. elocker on Sport S

    So I have decided to regear my JLU Sport from the factory 3.45 to 4.56. I'm figuring since that's all being opened up, I might as well hook it up with some lockers. I have seen air lockers but I am wanting elockers. Has anyone done this yet or able to point me in the right direction? Again...
  15. Alien Sunshade Customer Showcase and Gallery

    Hey there, Is there an ETA on printed shades yet?
  16. Rubicon FOR SALE: Rock Rails Central Texas

    No worries at all, this is the weekend I'll be in your area so it would be perfect for me! I can still do half now through venmo and the other half when I pick up or whatever works for you, lmk
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Pulled the model sticker and replaced with JL sticker :like: also joined iWave!
  19. Rubicon FOR SALE: Rock Rails Central Texas

    Hey I'm going on vacation to San Antonio next weekend and will be there 20-25th. I can pay you half now through venmo if you can hold them for me. I've been hoping for some take offs locally but no luck so far. LMK if this will work
  20. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Initial inspection says no but she goes in for repairs on Monday so we'll see!