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  1. California 40x13.50x17 tires

    Just throwing this out. A local tire dealer here in the Bay Area has a set of 5 40” Yokohama Geolander X-MT in stock. Another dealer has a set of 5 40” Toyo MT in stock. The Yok is about $500 each. The Toyo is about $600 each. Im currently committed to the Yokohama’s. LSS. I ordered the...
  2. California New Factory white front fenders

    Fenders are off and ready to go.
  3. California New Factory white front fenders

    Yes still available.
  4. California New Factory white front fenders

    Taken these off my JTRD. Less than 2K miles. Includes fender, LED’s, wiring harness and inner fender. Front only. Available 11/22 $500 OBO. Shipping would be expensive.
  5. California JLUR front axle

    Axle is out. I did reuse the upper knuckle bushing from the factory axle. Shown in the 4th pic.
  6. Fusion4x4 axles - review / feedback?

    Yes I did inquire about the Kingpin set up. To be totally honest I don’t remember everything that was talked about. I probably have an hours worth a phone conversations with Dan at Fusion4x4, plus 30 emails back and forth getting everything right. Everything so far has been 1st class with...
  7. Fusion4x4 axles - review / feedback?

    Yes. I have 60/80 Fusion4x4 axle set on order for my JTRD. Schedule to ship end of November. 72” WMS 5.13 gears ARB’s
  8. California 4.10’s R&P front and rear from JTR

    You pay I can ship. Or I have a trip planned to Tulsa before the end of the year.
  9. California MetalClok tailgate/reinforcement

    Pics of the mod. Purchaser gets both options. Re-weld MC or use factory camera piece.
  10. California MetalClok tailgate/reinforcement

    I’m guessing it weighs 30lbs. The modification was removing the MC camera mount that the wheel fits over. I converted the factory camera mount. The MC mount would need to be welded back in place. I will try to post pics showing the mod better.
  11. California MetalClok tailgate/reinforcement

    I can if you pay. Guessing about $100 to box and ship.
  12. California MetalClok tailgate/reinforcement

    Located in Martinez, CA
  13. California JLUR front axle

    Have a Mopar Performance front axle due any day. The axle for sale will be a take out from a ‘20 JLUR with about 18,000 miles on it. Only in 4L a couple of times. Great condition. 4.10 R&P, factory locker etc. This axle will be complete from factory knuckle to knuckle. (I purchased new Reid...
  14. California MetalClok tailgate/reinforcement

    This is the earlier version from MC. This has also been modified to fit factory wheels and tires. Has camera, brake light and license plate relocation pieces/hardware. $125
  15. California MetalClok with Poison Spyder tire carrier

    I have a custom made MetalClok bumper with Poison Spyder tire Carrier. I have a gladiator on order. The JL is leaving. Works great. Tire is a 37” in the pics. Will need new plastic snap ins for proximity sensors. $1,000
  16. California Honda EU1000

    Price drop $500