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  1. One Key Fob

    My 392 had an estimated ship date of 4/13. For all I know it’s still in D1. Guess I’ll be getting one fob and an IOU 😂
  2. One Key Fob

    My husband saw this on the TRX forum. Has anyone heard about this being true?
  3. wtb - rubi wheels, tires w/tpms - chicago

    I have a full set. In SW MO. I’ll be in STL in a few weeks. They are the black wheels. Interested? Matt
  4. Got what I was looking for, thanks!

    I am in Springfield MO. $100 and they’re yours! Any interest? Thanks!
  5. F/S 5 New Rubicon Black wheels tires with TPMS SW MO

    Hi! I have a set of 5 take off Rubicon wheels and tires straight from the factory. They are the upgraded black rims. I am in SW Missouri. Looking to get $1,700. Will meet up within reasonable distance. Thanks! Matt
  6. .

    I have a brand new set in Springfield MO. PM sent. Thanks!
  7. WTB- rubicon wheels and tires

    I am in SW MO. I have a brand new take off set with TPMS. Looking to get $1,600. Thanks!
  8. JLWF / ExtremeTerrain Giveaway: ICI Magnum RT Series Cab Length Side Step Bars [Ended]

    Catalog requested and I’m completely interested in hooking up my Rubi with these side step bars! Yes please!
  9. Want to Buy 17" Rubicon Wheels & Tires NW Arkansas

    Still looking? I have a new set removed at the dealer. Looking to get $1,750.
  10. WTB: Rubicon Wheels (Memphis)

    I have 5 black Rubicon wheels, tires and tpms. Looking to get $1,750. In SW MO. 8 miles on these. Removed at dealer.
  11. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Newbie Wrangler Owner! Picked her up in STL 4/28. 315/70 KO2 tires (no lift) and powder coated beadlock wheels.
  12. WTB Rubicon Wheels and Tires NC

    Hi. I am in MO but have a full set of black take offs from the dealer. Would these interest you?