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  1. I sold my wrangler to Vroom, and here's why...

    Something tells me you'll be back. It's always kind of funny when people have these huge families and feel like they need to have huge vehicles as if you can't pack 5 kids in a 4 door Wrangler. I have a quote from Vroom currently and have been tempted since it's above MSRP because of the crazy...
  2. Which of these Rubicon graphics do you prefer:

    It's of course 100% up to you but aesthetically, I'd say that the OEM is almost perfect and the second option looks like a cheap Autozone sticker.
  3. How many doors do you need?

    I think it's pretty cool. Wouldn't you rather have this than a standard 7 seater or mini van?
  4. TFL compares the 4Runner to JL Willys Sport.

    That's your subjective opinion on it being "seriously ugly". I didn't like the looks at first glance but over time, the look definitely grew on me enough to want to own one. The 4Runner Trail I had was a great vehicle and mostly more reliable than any Wrangler i've owned. The biggest issue is...
  5. Ordered a 22 , having a hard time trading in 04

    Try, sold my last 2 cars there. Only $5 and gets a lot of eyeballs. Found a much quicker success rate (at a cheaper price) there than any other site over the past couple of years. Or sell it an at auction site like Cars&Bids. You'll easily get 8-10K there for sure.
  6. Dealership sold my 4xe without telling me

    Stopped reading after a couple of seconds. Not sure why people are always surprised when scumbag dealers/salesman do shady things. Been that way for years and i'd say that a good percentage of dealerships would do the same thing. Do some research on another dealership thats forum friendly and...
  7. Lets see where you put your cell phones

    I have the bulletproof magnet mount and it works great for my 2 door. Any proper phone mount would work in a 2 or 4 door.
  8. Safety Recall Alert! 2020 Jeep Wrangler Fuel Supply Line

    No loaner option? A local dealership had a mine for 4 days but I made sure to drop it off when they had a loaner available. They had given me a time frame of a month but I called Jeep Cares and they must have put the pressure on the dealership to get the part and do the repair. See my posts...
  9. Lets see where you put your cell phones

    Hasn't this phone mount thread been done a few times before?
  10. JL Rubicon Resale (private party)

    Try CarGuru, cheap at only about $5 for 1 listing and gets a lot of views. Put it for sale at a price you'd be happy at and you might be surprised considering todays market.
  11. When will Flat Black go away

    I really dislike chrome accents and would rather them be flat black instead of chrome. You can still mod your Jeep with fake chrome accents and flame stripes from Autozone if that's your thing.
  12. 4 vs. 6 question from a dumb newb

    Test drive all engine variables and then make the decision. Everyone can have an opinion online but the most important opinion is your own. Reliability can be hit or miss dependent on owner maintenance and just a draw of the luck regarding the mechanicals.
  13. Frustrated

    You are having problems caused by your choice to do some upgrades means that you are definitely cursed. I've learned over the years that not ever mod will go as planned and to take in stride or just keep the vehicle stock as that usually has less complications/headaches.
  14. Damning quote on Bronco vs Wrangler

    A comment about grab handles speaks to the overall build quality? Jeez talk about the Jeep community reaching for why the Jeep is better. I'm not saying that it isn't but I haven't even driven one to make that determination yet.
  15. Jeep Accident !! Safety Features did work and I am alive, Now What ?

    Well glad you made it out safely which is most important. Another "should I repair my Jeep after an accident thread" though. If airbags deployed AND the frame is twisted then it'll be a total loss and its time to get another Jeep. Much easier to get another Jeep than get another life. Good luck!
  16. (non) off-road shaming - why?

    Typical human projection to make themselves feel better about what they do as humans. Life is too short to worry about what the next person does. Enjoy your damn Jeep however you see fit! :jk:
  17. Post your local gas/fuel prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    People sure are short sighted. Gas has gone up and down regardless of the location or who's in political power. All depends on the current climate of social events around the globe. Gas will go up and then go back down. How it's always been over the years. Enjoy your Jeep people. :jk: Can...