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  1. Baja Designs Awesome LP Series Support Thread

    No LED package. Might have to just run the switch down under the stock lighting "knob". Wish i could use the existing though.
  2. Baja Designs Awesome LP Series Support Thread

    these would be in place of the factory fogs. So they would be running solo on that circuit.
  3. Baja Designs Awesome LP Series Support Thread

    Can the LP4's be directly wired to stock Fog Light harness?
  4. KC HiLITES Flex Era 4 Wiring to AUX Switches

    awesome! appreciate the help. I've never really done anything lighting related or electrical on the jeep and this would be my real first "go" at it.
  5. KC HiLITES Flex Era 4 Wiring to AUX Switches

    i no longer have fog lights. I am running an EVO Quarter Pounder and want to use the FE4 bumper mounted and control them (On/Off) using the factory fog light button (dial) if possible.
  6. KC HiLITES Flex Era 4 Wiring to AUX Switches

    how would one wire this if they wanted to hook up to the factory fog light switch?
  7. SAE/DOT Amber Fog Lights for Motobilt Crusher Bumper

    @conFUcius what light system did you go with? I have the EVO 1/4 and need something bumper mounted. I am between the LP4, Flex Era 4, and Squadron's.
  8. Bumper Mounted Lighting Options

    How would the Flex Era 4 Combo's work for this application? i am worried that the lighting would be too "blinding". I also like the LP4's and can go with amber driving/combo.
  9. Florida 2018 JLU Sport S with LOTS of Upgrades $35,000 obo.

    was this an aftermarket upgrade, or did you buy it with it installed? "Heavy Duty Alternator w/ Aux Buttons"
  10. Radio Shutting off, and Clock Resetting.

    pop and reset... second time its happened to me....i don't think its a Jeep issue but at FCA issue as this used to happen on my Dodge Ram from time to time...
  11. grease recommendations

    for my tie rod / drag links i just ordered redline cv-2.... thats what steer smarts recommends
  12. Best Plastic Conditioner?

    the chemical guys stuff works well...
  13. Can I get some feedback on these 3 Lifts please

    I know its not on your list but i have a MC 2.5" with 35's and Rocksports and drive 45 miles daily for work. It handles great on the road and will allow you to run 37's in the future.
  14. Help me plan for the future - JLUS

    ideally i plan to swap out to m220 in the rear, not exactly sure what all this would entail. I would ideally like to maintain my stock width so i do not have to make any changes to my Yeti Steering.
  15. Help me plan for the future - JLUS

    i like your thinking! I am also interested in experimenting a bit and seeing what can be done. I live in South Florida so any "real" wheeling will require road trips which would be done 1 or 2 times a year so i want the best blend of daily performance and offroad capability. tried looking...
  16. Help me plan for the future - JLUS

    agreed on the above with 35's, but once my tire change is up (prob another 18 months) i plan on putting on 37's. Good thing is i have the suspension on steering to handle it... but i want to make sure my axle components are good to go... and want to plan out all the options...
  17. Help me plan for the future - JLUS

    thats my idea on the back axle and can do that anytime in anticipation of the front axle install (i think). So i will be on the lookout for some M220 for my rear end. Anything i can do to that M220 to make it more robust and capable. Again, don't plan on going bigger than 37's.
  18. Tread Lightly in Ocala, FL

    ahh i was hoping that was slang for some sort of fishing hole lol...
  19. Help me plan for the future - JLUS

    strength all day. Is this even the case for the rear axle? I always planned on upgrading the front axle to aftermarket.