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  1. For those going with 37s, are you regearing??

    If you have a 3.6, re gear, 2.0T it's optional. I am super heavy, 37s with real beadlocks, aluminum skid plates, RTT, full payload etc. With that, not only do I get all 8 gears here in Colorado, I have hit 112mph to pass some semis. I just recently bought a [email protected] 400 BD Camper trailer and still...
  2. XM radio problems

    I don't use it for music, it ties into my GPS Navigation, vehicle locator and things like that. Ya I listen to playlists.
  3. XM radio problems

    That's the plan, the dealership told me they failed to even check if it was the antenna. Of course they were probably just trying to get me to buy there relocation kit. Now they tell me appointments are booked for two weeks before they can get it back in. sMH
  4. XM radio problems

    Good luck with the dealer. I took my 2019 JLUR in today for the same issue and the dealership said they couldn't help unless i bought a kit. They said i could buy a kit that relocates the antenna which makes no sense since I already relocated the antenna above the drivers visor, since my roof...
  5. For those going with 37s, are you regearing??

    I have the mini as well, same reason.
  6. For those going with 37s, are you regearing??

    I haven't had that issue, yet, but I wonder if the JL Tazer can reset that memory or adjust it? Yes, I don't see it either. Especially if all it might take is running a lighter wheel and tire package to get back the efficiency loss.
  7. For those going with 37s, are you regearing??

    10000 miles in 37s without regearing and I hit and hold all 8 gears, get 19/21 mpg with an RTT. I have the 2.0 with a Mishimoto Intercooler. I think the 3.6 would need to regear and is where the discrepancy is. I can also hit top speed of 112mph so I don't see a need to regear until I jump to...
  8. Running 37" tires + with stock gearing? experiences???

    Nice rig! I can't help but wonder if it has to do with the 2.0, I use Tazer as well. I'm thinking maybe it's the JLURs with the 3.6 that have a problem with gearing since we with the 2.0s get more torque and hp. I see that decal "I'm built like a brick, not meant to go fast" and I think, "BS...
  9. Running 37" tires + with stock gearing? experiences???

    Lol mine is a Mojito also, I think the color makes them even faster lol
  10. Running 37" tires + with stock gearing? experiences???

    Same. Maybe in 5 years when I'm bored I will put my 44s on my YJ and switch to D60s but ya, I'd rather put my money elsewhere. The problem is all the bad advice from people driving JKs that think the JL are just like JKs. My turbo kicks in at 2500 rpm like it did on 33s. 37s just lowered my mpg...
  11. Running 37" tires + with stock gearing? experiences???

    2019 JLUR with 4.10s on 37" Nitto Grapplers. I have the 2.0T and live in Colorado. No problems hitting all 8 gears, can go over 100mph + in the mountains, no problems on trails and I get 22mph highway, 19 in the city. Everyone says go 4.88 but I haven't had a need. I was hoping the 37s would...
  12. Jeep driver survives after plunging off top of six-story parking garage!

    Californians go through a lot of effort to park their Jeep next to a sign that says Colorado. I'm from Colorado, I understand the appeal.
  13. Giveaway of the Month - December 2019 - 2.5" or 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension, RockSport Edition

    I've been shopping for a lift on Poison Ivy, my 2019 JLUR. I went MC on my YJ and very happy. I plan on doing all MC armor on my girl so an MC lift for these 37s would be perfect.
  14. To lift or not

    I bought a 2019 JLUR with the 2.0t. At stock I was doing easy to moderate trails. I recently added 37s (Nitto Grapplers) on the Rubicon wheels. I was surprised that 1) No loss in power, didn't lose 8th gear, can easily get over 100mph (adjusted tire size with Tazer JL) 2) only lost 1 MPG on my...
  15. Rubicon 37s no lift

    I guess that pic quieted things down. I run 37s on my 19 JLUR, no issues stock. Plan on a lift but it's dropped in priority.
  16. Giveaway of the Month - August 2019 - Your Choice of a Frame-Built Front Bumper
  17. Cherry Bomb

    Poison Ivy