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  1. New York ***FREE*** 2018 JLU Front Sport & Rear Rubi BUMPERS + SIDE STEPS

    Sounds good, let me know. As far as the fenders, I installed the Rubi Highline Fenders on my Sport S. The only thing I have laying around are the Narrower Sport Fender Flairs.
  2. New York ***FREE*** 2018 JLU Front Sport & Rear Rubi BUMPERS + SIDE STEPS

    I'm assuming the rear bumper is complete, or is it just the outer shell? If it's complete, I'll gladly take it off your hands. Thanks Matt...
  3. Wisconsin Mopar LED Halo wiring harness - $50

    Yes, that is the one you'll need. I did this mod myself. Fortunately my local dealership had an extra laying around last year when I was on the hunt. Good luck with the installation.
  4. Pennsylvania JL wrangler part out

    Sounds good, I'll be available Friday-Sunday.
  5. Rampage tonneau cover

    I'm interested, are you willing to ship?
  6. Pennsylvania JL wrangler part out

    I would like to get in line for the R.R. Cover. I'm located near Wilkes Barre. Travel isn't a problem If others fall through.
  7. Illinois Jl Rear Brake light

    Is this halogen or led?
  8. Wiring Harness

    I recieved the harness, I believe this will work perfectly. Thank you again!!!
  9. Wiring Harness

    Just so happens that I snagged a pair of R.R. pods from a friend but they didn't come with a wiring harness. These don't have the driving light feature. I would love to take this off your hands if you think it will work. Let me know, thanks Matt...
  10. Alabama 2020 JLU Tires, more! SOLD except for grill & wheels/tires

    If you decide that shipping could be an option, I'll take the Fab Fours front bumper and the factory rear bumper off your hands. I will even arrange the shipping through Fastenal for you. Thanks...
  11. North Carolina 2019 JLUR Rear Steel Bumper w/Sensor Holes - Free!!

    I wish I lived even remotely close, I would gladly take this OFF your hands!
  12. Massachusetts WTB LED head lights

    Not sure if you specifically want the factory headlights? I have a set of Kiwi 9" that I used for a few weeks prior to Orical releasing the Oculus headlights. They are in perfect condition.
  13. Sport Hood Blackout Decal (NIB)

    I'll take it, if still available. Zip code 18507. Thanks Matt.
  14. Free ROAM Step Lights (Just Pay Shipping)

    I'll take these off your hands. Let me know if Venmo works for you. Thanks Matt...
  15. WTB Rubicon/Moab Steel FRONT bumpers, or Rubicon back bumpers

    That's too bad, sorry to hear. That explains why it's still not sold!!!