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  1. Broke my light switch

    Okay so I ordered a new light switch. Buuuuuut I have no idea when it will get here and it’s already past due (I paid for expedite). Now on to good news. It can be fixed and I fixed it! For now this is a stop gap as some plastics on the switch housing broke in the initial incident but I...
  2. Broke my light switch

    Thank you all for your replies. I’ll order a switch. Hopefully they aren’t on backorder. Seems like with supply chain issues no one can buy anything.
  3. Broke my light switch

    A while back I posted that I accidentally kneed my head light switch in the cabin. This pushed the switch in a bit although it still worked. I tried to remove the assembly today and I’m doing so accidentally popped the rotary switch off. Anyone know if this can be repaired? Or do I just need to...
  4. Broken light control panel?

    I bumped my knee hard into the rotary switch that controls the headlights/lighting. It still functions but the switch is pushed in on one side. I’m on a road trip and would love to just pop the little panel that the switch and dimmers are attached to and fix it - I think it just needs to be...
  5. JL - Trailer Brake Controller

    I did install it but I haven’t tried it with a trailer just yet. But the install went well and everything appears to function as it should. I don’t see why manual calls auto would make a difference as it’s a brake controller. That said the redarc monitors acceleration/deceleration but i have no...
  6. Turtleback Expedition and JLU Towing Capacity?

    No worries. The thread quickly came about a lot more than towing a TB. Whether or not we all see eye to eye isn’t an issue to me. Honestly it’s given me a lot to think about and discuss with TB. So I appreciate your thoughts and input. I’ve actually been trying to find a good forum space...
  7. Tow-Pro Elite Brake Controller Install

    Thanks. I ended up making three holes in an aluminum crossmember under the driver side.
  8. Oregon JLUR Rock Sliders for Sale

    Just rock sliders off my 2018 JLUR. They are in great condition. Just a little dirty. No major gouges, no bare metal, no scratches to speak of. $150 OBO Aurora OR Pickup Only
  9. Oregon SOLD: Dynatrac EnduroSport 2" Suspension Lift Kit For Sale! NEW IN BOX!

    New in box Dynatrac EndoruSport 2" lift!!! I bought this in March and with supply chain shortages it took forever to arrive. By the time I received it (a few weeks back) I had made a few different life choices and realized I no longer wanted this lift. The lift hasn't been installed. All I've...
  10. Turtleback Expedition and JLU Towing Capacity?

    Since you ended up going with Timbren in the end, did you ever ask them for their opinion on spacers? Just curious.
  11. Turtleback Expedition and JLU Towing Capacity?

    I think it’s important to realize you are stating a matter of opinion as fact. You said “wheel spacers are not DOT approved.” That’s not true. “In the United States, wheel spacers are not currently regulated under the Department of Transportation's current legislation. There are no existing...
  12. Turtleback Expedition and JLU Towing Capacity?

    I do want to keep them safe and I appreciate your thoughts. I am operating under the assumption that the stock wheels and tires require no spacers. Given that, how else would they put other wheels and tires with different tire widths and backspacing without a spacer? Seems to me like that’s the...
  13. Feedback on Redarc ToPro Elite trailer brake controller?

    Figured I’d show folks what I came up with. Three 1/8th inch holes and some sheet metal screws worked like a charm. Attached to an aluminum plate under the drivers side dash left of the break pedal.
  14. Turtleback Expedition and JLU Towing Capacity?

    My understanding is they use wheel spacers for putting different wheels on, like oem Jeep wheels, which from NCJL’s picture a few posts back you can see. I don’t know if the backspacing on their standard wheels require a spacer or not. I would assume not but intend to ask.
  15. Turtleback Expedition and JLU Towing Capacity?

    I’m no expert in regards to legal issues surrounding trailer weights. I’ve looked at other trailers from other mfg and they also do the dry weight listing thing with no fluids, tent, etc. Both Patriot and Off Grid Trailers appear to do this. Perhaps this is just a problem with this emerging...
  16. Turtleback Expedition and JLU Towing Capacity?

    Minimum we wanted a sink, stove, lots of storage compartments (got 2 kids) awning, electrical, anex with place for anex storage (if possible) and of course a place for a RTT. Also we don’t want a tear drop or anything that sleeps folks - doesn’t make sense for us. Off the grid came close. But I...