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    Good to know, thank you so much! We will definitely have to order one then.

    We are having the same exact issue. My husband took it to the dealership to have them change ours from halogen to LED but the turn signals still hyper flash for a bit after turning the vehicle on then give us the error message on the dash and they stop working. If you figure out how to correct...
  3. Georgia Rugged Ridge Tube Doors Front and Rear

    Totally understand, keep me in mind if you change your mind :)
  4. Georgia Rugged Ridge Tube Doors Front and Rear

    Would you be willing to ship? If so, I'm interested :) My husband would love these!
  5. Recommended Dealers List

    Hey Everyone! I wanted to give a shout out to Alex Kahn at Nyle Maxwell-Austin. This was our very first Jeep purchase and we couldn’t be happier! Ordered 9/7, arrived 10/3, and picked it up 10/4. After hours and hours of research and recommendations from this forum, we ended up ordering our...
  6. Wisconsin Mopar LED Halo wiring harness - $50

    Interested if sale falls through
  7. Texas Sold: WTB/WTT 2018-2020 JLU OEM Halogen for LED (Headlights)

    Looking for 2018-2020 JLU OEM LED Headlights. Have OEM Halogen Headlights, Fog Lights and Turn Signals to trade.
  8. Georgia F/S JW Speakers with Morimoto adjustable buckets

    Interested, shipping to 78945
  9. Texas WTB/WTT - Mojito! Rubicon JL hood/Fenders/Bumper

    Looking for a Mojito! Rubicon hood. Will have a Mojito! Sahara hood for trade or sale. Also looking for LED headlights and a headliner.
  10. 19 stock rubicon wheels and tires for sale houston

    Do you still have these?
  11. Texas 2018 JLU Sahara OEM side steps

    Will these also fit a 2020 Unlimited Sport S?
  12. Texas SOLD Both styles of rubicon wheels/tires with TPMS

    Which Rubicon tires and/or wheels do you have available? Interested in the suspension as well. I work less than 30 minutes from you so pickup isn't a problem and I'll need a quote for install. Thanks!
  13. Who is offering a Great Deal on a 2020 JL order?

    Would you mind sharing the name of the person you worked with at Nyle Maxwell? You can message me if that would be better. Thank you!