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  1. Atlas JL Transfer Case

    Anyone heard any more updates?
  2. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    I sold the ARB and installed the ORO (Off Road Only) York compressor kit on the front of my 3.6 motor. I love it and it airs up tires super fast now.
  3. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    In the north west, I’m more likely to have the heat on. And trying to remember to turn the AC on to air up is likely not going to happen.
  4. 2021 Steel Steering Gear Upgrade

  5. NEW! JL Front Camera offering - ZAutomotive 2/28/19

    Anyone looked into changing the head unit to a newer model that takes HD input (and maybe using an OEM front camera)??
  6. Red Neck Ram hydro assist steering

    He as anyone added the Apex steering pump boost kit or a cooler to the system yet? I want to boost my pump, but don’t like Apex’s cooler.
  7. THE FIX FOR LOCKERS: Blinking lights, service axle locker system, lockers wont engage/disengage

    It should be fine. Mine is literally oozing outside of the differential plug and still works great.
  8. ORO York Air Compressor install

    It’s a Viair 2 gallon tank. A 3 gallon would easily fit but I had this from my JK. I made the mount/skid from 1/4” plate and you can barely see some 1/8” angle that goes from the rear up to a mount above.
  9. ORO York Air Compressor install

    This is the best I have in my phone. You can barely see it in these pics. It’s front feet rear on the crossmember and it sits between the exhaust pipe and the driveline on the drivers side.
  10. Winch Cable Repair

    Hit it with WD-40 every once and a while so it doesn’t rust so quick.
  11. Proximity key mandatory option on Rubicons?

    I get it, but the X5 probably doesn’t have a key fob the size of an iPhone Pro Max, lol. Once I put that thing away, I don’t want to deal with it!
  12. Proximity key mandatory option on Rubicons?

    Even if they aren’t, you’ll want them. It’s really stupid to have to take your key out, but then put it back in your pocket as soon as the doors open. I love mine.
  13. Kmc XD231 beadlock bolts

    No issues. Torqued to 18 or 20, can’t remember. Re-torqued them once and haven’t touched them for 20,000 miles. Been through Rubicon, two weeks in Moab, AZ, Sand Hollow. Aired down many times to 3 psi in the snow, 10 in the sand with lots of whoops, donut spinning, etc. I’m not easy on them.
  14. Kmc XD231 beadlock bolts

    I anti-seized my threads, but the bolt heads have never rusted in a year and a half. I live in Oregon where it rains all the time, I play in the Sand dune‘s, the snow and the rocks. My beadlock rings are scratched all to hell. I used Omix-ada bumper end caps for the old-man style tube bumpers...
  15. KMC XD231 Rims Beadlock bolts rusting

    Mine have never rusted one bit, and I live in Oregon where it rains 10 months of the year. And mine have been on for a year and a half…
  16. Body mount tire carrier: CAVFAB vs. Rustys

    I bought a little pigtail extension from eBay for the camera wire. You can get it in whatever length you want. Sorry I don’t have a link, I found it in another thread in this forum
  17. Body mount tire carrier: CAVFAB vs. Rustys

    I welded a wingnut to the bolt that holds the plate mount. Now I can remove it without any tools.