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  1. North Carolina RollnJack for sale

    Dang. Wish these were in SoCal. Hopefully 1 will show up here.
  2. California Rhino-rack Pioneer platform system

    Update: Here are the items with part numbers which I am looking for. 1. RJLB1 (Backbone 3 system) 2. RCL6 (6x locking legs) 3. 52108F (Platform 72" X 56") Thanks
  3. California Rhino-rack Pioneer platform system

    Anyone locally have a setup for sale? Let me know what you have. Thanks
  4. California GMRS mobile radio and antenna

    Anyone has any that they want to sell?
  5. California HELP! Need Your GMRS Antenna Mounting Recommendations for '21 JLU

    Does this setup work well? Any issue with having it inside compared to mounting it outside?
  6. Illinois Passenger side LED Tail Lamp

    Did your driver side stop working? Been awhile, but I think my driver side one stopped working. Was looking for one so I can try prying it open before digging into mine to fix fit. So, I too have a passenger unit which is working.
  7. Which hard top removal device would you recommend?

    Still trying my luck find one here in SoCal for that price range.
  8. National Forest closures starting tomorrow.

    Was going to hit the San Gabriel playground. Was looking at the tickets for 2 weeks, which showed it was available to purchase. Was planning for the labor day weekend. Went to purchase the entry ticket, and no sale. :(
  9. California RollnJack in SoCal

    Anyone have a RollnJack which they want to sell? I'm located in Ca 91739. Thanks
  10. California Top Lift Pro

    There was one on the bay area which I saw in a diff posting. Think under misc section.
  11. Which hard top removal device would you recommend?

    Probably the 2" mopar lift kit.
  12. Utah Mopar Tube Doors For JEEP WRANGLER JLU $700

    I’m heading up Seattle next week. Does that could. Hahaha. Am flying there.
  13. Utah Mopar Tube Doors For JEEP WRANGLER JLU $700

    Those look really nice on your rig. Wish you were here in SoCal.
  14. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    Here is something I found on facebook. Pretty much the idea some of you were talking about. A jack was used, which I have seen on pinterest for adjustable workbench ideas.
  15. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    I was looking at the powered hoist too. I am trying to stay away from single point mount where all the weight of the hardtop are tied to a single point and them lifted up, which is also a single point location on the ceiling. I think this is what you are mentioning right? I like the part where...
  16. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    I know. I just realized what you meant. Buy a candy from them? :) The lowest item I saw as some brackets which I have no use for. :(