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  1. Dumb question - how long do your interior lights stay on after locking your Jeep?

    I wouldn’t say 2 minutes….. But after locking the Jeep I’d say it’s around 40 seconds or so before going off
  2. Surfing - what to do with key

    C’mon, That’s just silly! As a surfer……you know damn well the Jeep fob is way to BIG to be used as a surf board! 🤪
  3. Rival 4x4 stubby bumper

    Has anyone used the actually rival fogs that fit the bumper? If so how difficult or easy is install? They say plug and play ….but the connectors don’t seem to be the same as factory wiring
  4. Plug and play fog lights

    Hey, Currently looking for cubes (blacked out look) that would fit a full width rival 4x4 bumper that will be a plug and play to factory wiring… tried clicking on your links in this message. Doesn’t seem to work. (I realize I’m reviving an old thread) any info would be great. thanks Edit...
  5. Aftermarket fogs …for aftermarket bumpers

    Hey All, just looking to get some stuff info on those who have knowledge on this mod. I’m looking to get fogs (preferably smoked version) that will fit and be if possible a plug and play set up to the factory wires that get left after removal of factory to aftermarket bumper. I will be...
  6. Rival 4x4 stubby bumper

    Sweet…does this go with any or most aftermarket fogs? Plug and play would definitely be the route if wanna take and have them operating exactly as the pens do.
  7. Rival 4x4 stubby bumper

    Awesome. Thanks for the response, you’ve provided some good and much need info 👍 edit: As for the lights…yea I’m looking more for the flush mounted ones…..although the ones you have are nice also 🤔
  8. Rival 4x4 stubby bumper

    Hey All, I’ve had my finger on the trigger on this bumper for months now (even spoken briefly to Jay1941 In passing about the bumper) I’m about to pull the trigger on the full width version. my questions are based a the lil research I’ve done seems some ppl have claimed that bolt points don’t...
  9. Hinge Corrosion Prevention

    This is probably true unfortunately ….dealers will find any reason not to have the work done. Although if one finds a solution to avoid this issue occurring, one won’t have to worry about that warranty work. although if it occurs you’re right….you will be most likely be shit out of luck for a...
  10. Hinge Corrosion Prevention

    The hinge issue Definitely has nothing to do with rock chips….sure if one gets that it can help attribute to rust or corrosion occurring. But this is definitely caused by dissimilar metals touching. The doors and hinges are aluminum and the screws/bolts are steel I’m sure most who have this...
  11. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Mines a 2019….I had this issue (slightly) on the top corner of my grille….but I always had planned to get the mopar satin black grille which I think looks good Also Till today…don’t have this issue on my fenders. Hope this helps 👍 good luck with whichever color you choose!
  12. Differential oil change

    Sounds clear enough Thanks again.
  13. Differential oil change

    I forget to put it in my original post…so for the sake of asking (again thanks for the original response) Is there at all any benefit/advantages despite NOT towing, that I should consider running 75w140 in the rear? Thanks again
  14. Differential oil change

    Thank you for your feed back
  15. Differential oil change

    So doing this change this weekend (will be my first diff change) I’ve read through plenty of the pages. I understand that 75w90 for the front seems to be the popular opinion. Some mixed opinions on the rear, depending if towing or not (I don’t have the tow package) So is 75w90 they way to go...
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Nice job ass face! 👍 😉
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Not to hijack Steve F’s response But I believe it’s the Lange hoist a top
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Hey come on man, you don’t have to judge him/her on the choices they make for their rig. I get it may not be your cup of tea…not mine either….but something I may do, may not be their cup of tea either. Luckily though it’s their rig, their money, their choice! Isn’t that a big part of being a...