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  1. Update: Reveal Coming Nov 17 @ 12PM ET! Production 392 Hemi V8 Jeep Wrangler Officially Teased!

    Being sarcastic. If I cared about gas mileage then wrangler would not be on table. Would love to see what these come out as in terms of pricing. Definitely if they price it right, then I'd trade mine in.
  2. Update: Reveal Coming Nov 17 @ 12PM ET! Production 392 Hemi V8 Jeep Wrangler Officially Teased!

    Need to trade in my Rubicon JL for one of these. I think my current 13 mpg is way to high, 8 mpg is what I am more interested in. Hope they put in a bigger gas tank in that beast.
  3. Battery is dead a 3rd time.

    Its connected to this . The way it works is once blackvue battery pack runs out of power, the cameras turn off. It shouldn't drain battery unless fuses have 12 volt on all the time. Which was the issue.
  4. Battery is dead a 3rd time.

    Appreciate all the help, picked up car from dealer yesterday. Both main and aux batteries were replaced. They were faulty according to the dealer, they could not test what draws the battery. Told me Chrysler is closed and it would take getting engineers involved to test what is causing the draw...
  5. Battery is dead a 3rd time.

    Yea I will check it out, that might be the issue. I took it to the dealer, lets see if they can figure it out before I play with the fuses. Thanks for advice.
  6. Battery is dead a 3rd time.

    Your not insulting anyone, I do not get easily insulted. However my issue is why would it be in accessory mode once power goes off, it was not in accessory mode. The rear 12 volt should not run constantly when the car is off. Unless I am wrong, most cars I have owned the power stays on for short...
  7. Battery is dead a 3rd time.

    I have a 3.6 not a 2.0T, I attempted the bypass in the past it did not work, checked all fuses as well. Was able to jump it with external battery booster and jumper cables connected to another vehicle. Those portable battery packs do not have enough juice to start it. Took it to the dealer...
  8. Battery is dead a 3rd time.

    I have done that before, ran same dashcam without any issues in my previous bmw 340. No issues, left that car for several weeks without hesitation. Something is wrong with this car, it smells like short in hood.
  9. Battery is dead a 3rd time.

    Thanks, yes my commute to work is under 10 miles maybe a 15-20 minute drive. However I do drive it often way more on days off and weekends. I'm glad I leased this thing and didnt purchase or finance. I'm wondering if it's just a lemon. Never had a car battery die on constant basis. Drove bmws...
  10. Battery is dead a 3rd time.

    I have 2019 Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited with under 6k miles on it. It is my daily driver, not modified. Back in November the battery died after going on vacation for 1 week and coming back to car with completely dead battery. Jumped it and drove it to dealership, they found no issues. 3 weeks...
  11. Why NOT Lease JLUR?

    I leased my 2019 Jeep Rubicon unlimited with msrp of $51,710. The lease payment is $499 with 42 months 10k yearly and $1,600 due at lease. I prefer to lease cars as I get bored of them, don't want to deal with any potential mechanical issues that might arise, depreciation etc. That being said I...
  12. LED headlamps stolen.

    I am in nyc too, running front and rear dash-cam blackvue. At-least if this happens, I can potentially see who. Not that NYPD will arrest anyone for crimes like these.
  13. Battery dead for second time in 3 weeks

    Dealer charged battery and so far few weeks no issues. Lately though my rear view camera sometimes is just a black screen. Wonder what that can be.
  14. Battery dead for second time in 3 weeks

    The car was parked in my garage, which is multi-car garage. Being the car was completely dead, no tow company wanted to tow it. Took me 2 days to get it out of there. Had no choice, I am so happy I leased this car and not purchased. If its a lemon, I wouldn't want to deal with depreciation hit.
  15. Battery dead for second time in 3 weeks

    I was away for about 10 days and battery was completely dead. I used a 1000 amp and another one from tow truck driver, maybe total about 2000amps was enough to get car started. Connected both battery packs to main battery. Cranked after few attempts. Otherwise being parked in garage no tow...
  16. Battery dead for second time in 3 weeks

    Took 2 days for roadside to send me someone to either tow or help jump it. I was able to jump it with 2 battery packs. Got it to the dealer. The dealer only replaced 1 battery the first time. What really scares me is when I first saw my car with dead battery and opened the hood before jumping...
  17. Jeep Parent Fiat Chrysler Agrees to Merger With Peugeot Owner PSA

    More cost cutting here we come. The Ceo of PSA loves cost cutting. Being a 2019 rubicon owner. Having less than 4k miles on my car, having 2 dead batteries within 4 weeks of each other. This is not welcoming news. Jeep & dodge needs to be spun off with more reliable company.
  18. Jeep won't start - complete dash freak out

    I believe just one, the dealer is refusing to answer my calls even or call me back. Have a dead vehicle and they are useless. I drove bmws for over decade and never seen such terrible customer service.
  19. Battery dead for second time in 3 weeks

    What's weird is when I opened hood today, it smelled like smoke. I am scared that it might be an electrical issue, along with batteries.
  20. Battery dead for second time in 3 weeks

    They said they replaced one 3 weeks ago. Wonder if it's just one or both. Never would I think a brand new car will not start.