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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    If you have a flexy jeep that quadratec skid causes driveshaft interference more ways than one, just fyi, mines been cut down and reinforced to a sliver of its original size and it still hits.
  2. I need wheeling buddies

    Im always down to go…whenever i manage to fix my jeep
  3. Ball joint delete

    Good to know and definitely makes sense lol, i didnt really research any into it, but i get what you mean, wouldnt be too hard on that aluminum to pop it out as easy as that shit wallows lol
  4. Rock Krawler maintenance & All general suspension conversation

    I think youll have enough thread engagment if thats what youre worried about, thats only a .5” difference a side
  5. Ball joint delete They have the ball joint delete system out for the jl now…never run them personally but i definitely like the idea.
  6. Rock Krawler maintenance & All general suspension conversation

    My virgin eyes! 🤭 i saw down your underside
  7. Seat In My JLUR Upgraded.

    Looked like stock seats id wager…
  8. Crystal Rubi build

  9. Fox Shock leaking

    No…just no
  10. Fox Shock leaking

    On a side note my fox bumps are now leaking, speaking of fox shocks leaking haha, lucky me
  11. Fox Shock leaking

    Ill replace the seals for you for cost of them and oil, and whatever other parts it needs lol
  12. Rock Krawler maintenance & All general suspension conversation

    Hahahaha thats how my cousin torques too, makes for gas mask work 😂😂😂
  13. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    I have the otc brand press and it has been put through hell and works like brand new, its probably 10 years old by now
  14. Fox Shock leaking

    And less tips
  15. Fox Shock leaking

    Id love a set of 3.0s hahaha, you cant go wrong so i dont blame you lol
  16. Fox Shock leaking

    Fox has been outsourcing parts to try to get ahead on the huge lead time apparently, maybe they have been getting not as high quality seals rolling through, or they missing so QC, who knows. Fox shocks are usually damn good
  17. Fox Shock leaking

    I also like the cookie sheet tool holder, ima do that too, although i say that, but about halfway through whatever im doing theres gonna be so many tools and parts scattered front to rear up and down the street. Organization sounds good when i start, often times turns into a fuck it just grab it...
  18. Fox Shock leaking

    At least my creepers plastic and contoured 😂, it doesnt roll for shit on the asphalt though. Or half the time it wont roll untill im trying to tighten or loosen something then the fucker rolls like its on ice… dirt looks like my cousins yard hahahaha
  19. Fox Shock leaking

    True that hahaha. Although i do do stuff at my cousins house too and its just dusty dirt or mud…. Its really not pleasant he has no asphalt or concrete or gravel lol