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  1. Xm radio cuts in and out. 2018 jl. Any thoughts?

    where is the sat antenna located? the cutting in and out is driving me nuts. must be my roof rack as well.
  2. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    You nailed it! I was able to sort it out Saturday and finish the install of 4 of them. Those are all in the wheel wells secured to plastic liners. Not sure how to mount the side ones. Sorta wish I went with the Cyclones, but the Color changing is cool. Lol.
  3. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    Anyone know how I can chop up this harness to wire the RGB Rock lights to my Aux switches? I’m a little confused as the power (red) runs from the battery to the switch. I assume it runs back to the lights via the blue when the switch is turned on. I don’t want the switch though. Not sure...
  4. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    ECOFlow Power Station. I bought it new 2 months ago. Used it with no issues on a recent Utah trip. This thing is awesome. It recharges so fast as well. Comes with all original cables, box, and materials. It’s brand new. Don’t want to ship and I’m located in Gilbert. Willing to meet. I need...
  5. Colorado Skottle and Camp Stove

    Email sent!
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yolo Bro! Might have to “zoom” in. :)
  7. American Adventure Lab's base and fridge slide

    Just curious as to what color is the top of that shelf? Looking to get the same setup. Hey I am down in Gilbert AZ! :)
  8. Fridge

    so how has your set up been? any issues with the AAL components? Looking to do similar.
  9. DIY: Add USB Port into Upper Dash Tray

    How did you route that wire? If doing it this way from the start do you still need to pull the radio?
  10. Winch Wire Routing?

    Big help. Thanks guys. I had mine installed by my shop and at first figured it was normal routing. But I hate it as is. I’ll likely clean it up myself.
  11. Winch Wire Routing?

    Would love a picture when you have time.
  12. Winch Wire Routing?

    Looks great. So you don’t have the spool of wires either. Seems like the way to go but damn that grill is a pain to get out. Especially with the winch installed.
  13. Winch Wire Routing?

    Anyone got a better idea how to run, hide, secure these wires. The power and ground running to the battery sorta drop down all the time. 21 JLUR with aftermarket steal bumper and Warn 10s. See pics.
  14. Rhino Rack w/ Roofnest Falcon.

    Anyone have this setup? If so thoughts and pics? I’ve got the RR Pioneer with backbone on my JLUR.
  15. Arizona JLU Hardtop with Freedom Panels, Sunrider Top, and Rhino Rack! $2500

    So the Best Top is fully functional with a Rhino Pioneer rack installed?
  16. Aftermarket LED Tail Light Issues/Programming Tazer

    DRL is not a thing for tail lights. They won’t be on durning the day time like Headlight DRLs. It’s not the brand or programming.
  17. Morimoto turn signals.

    I am pretty sure rear LED lights or even regular tail lights do not have DRL functions. They would be operating normally.
  18. Cowl Mounts For Baja Design Lights

    Those would likely work. Ran out to Lowe’s. 50mm are long enough. The provided ones are just short. Lowe’s didn’t have black or hex, at least I can finish the install. I’ll have to email them and let them know. They are providing 40mm the same length as OEM. Makes no sense as they include...
  19. Cowl Mounts For Baja Design Lights

    Right but I can’t get mine installed. The provided bolt is the same length as the stock. However, that will not work with the spacer and washers. I’m just staring at it like I must be