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  1. Fridge

    Since its a family of 4, we usually have a 7 gallon jug on the floor of the back seat in the middle + drinks and food in the fridge, then an additional bag to house water bottles shoved on the side next to rear window. Since the shelf is too high throwing in a 5 gallon wont be doable unless you...
  2. Fridge

    I am running a 6/6/and a cleanwaste portable toilet and that is 5" and i have a few mm to spare. as long as your overall is less than 17" you should be fine to fit it on the max setting of the shelf . I like the AAL stuff however the downside is I can't run a maximus roof rack. Also the other...
  3. ***Warning*** Artec Skid plate, possible fuel line issue?

    Dealership was thinking it was just flex from the line ultimately weakened it and caused it to burst. It did not rub through from the looks of it.
  4. ***Warning*** Artec Skid plate, possible fuel line issue?

    3/8 male to male nipple and 2 hose clamps. It will be a part of my kit from now on in case it happens again @Gorilla57 yeah the clip is still there and there is a decent bit of movement if you grab the line for me.
  5. ***Warning*** Artec Skid plate, possible fuel line issue?

    Hopefully these pictures help. This is passenger side front. You can see front of fuel tank skid just go in deeper You see those two plastic lines right above the engine skid, those are your fuel lines. Just follow them to the back of the vehicle The OE clip is right behind that vertical...
  6. ***Warning*** Artec Skid plate, possible fuel line issue?

    This is located on the passenger side. If you crawl under the jeep from the passenger side and look at the crossmember that supports the transmission you should be able to see the line. I haven't done any work yet since I took a pretty bad fall so I am out of decommission for a few days. But i...
  7. ***Warning*** Artec Skid plate, possible fuel line issue?

    Just wanted to put this out there as a warning to be wary of this and inspect your fuel lines. In now way am I knocking @Artec however hopefully they can look into this issue further and possibly take some action. To my knowledge I haven't seen anyone else have this occur to them however it only...
  8. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    They are crawler conceptz sliders however I would advise not to get them. The sliders themselves are great but the issue is the company is very scummy and has lots of issues delivering their products.
  9. Overall Reliability?

    2018 JLUR. with over 25k miles with 600 miles spent a month in the dealership due to cam sensor error and it ended up being timing chain tensioner and a slew of other issues Had a few issues with electrical issues and charging etc. Also had issues with rear defroster And just recently my...
  10. Can you remove or deactivate the rear bumper park sensors permanently?

    i have backup sensors and after swapping rear bumpers I never used them again. If you turn it off via button on dash it will stay off. I do get a warning screen on startup but no error or anything else.
  11. Harsh ride from metalcloak 2.5 lift with rocksport shocks

    I agree w/ this. Just installed some fox smoothies 2 days ago and they softened the ride substantially.
  12. Fridge

    I cut the end since I hardwired it into my power distribution block.
  13. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    some snow camping and wheeling
  14. 40'S on your JL

    I Run 40's w/ MC kit. I was able to get away w/ 3" bumps front and rear. However it involves HEAVY cutting. Rear the whole inner arch needed to be trimmed. Including the top in order to stuff it at full flex. Front i had to cut the front bumper tips, Cut parts of the grille, cut the two top...
  15. Mickey Thompson Baja Pro XS

    I am looking at these for my new set of 40's. For those that have been running them, how many miles have you guys had. Was hoping that it would last at least 20k miles. My jeep is mainly a trail rig but it isnt towed to and from trails so i need them to last.
  16. Updated jl long arm lifts?

    Any decent pics from the side of the RK mounts to see clearance?
  17. Steering wheel squeaking

    i had a steering wheel squeak and dealer looked into it and lubed up the shaft inside going into the firewall.
  18. Fridge

    I've been MIA for a while so just wanted to throw this up there with the aam shelf at the highest settings.
  19. PSC hydraulic assist upgrade

    I have since upgraded axles and went to 40's. I would still recommend it although their are some downsides. The sensitive steering is not as bad as before but you do get used to it. The other issue is that when offroading it does vent out of the vent tube when it gets hot.
  20. Fridge This was about as small as it could have been and still worked with my power cable