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  1. anyone using Yakima Landing Pads and Skyline Towers on a JL hardtop?

    What kind of tracks? Been looking ,haven't found any yet.
  2. American Adventure Lab VersaTable Won't Stay Closed

    That's a bummer, was saving for one of those. Maybe I'll find a different one.
  3. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    So where and when can I buy them ? Such a tease. JEEP PORN ! I was looking at the Next Venture Motor Sport's version. Seem's they eliminate the side marker.,. Bet I could fit some led markers in there though.
  4. Direct Injection carbon & other 2.0T issues

    Define occasionally, thing redlines quick. But it's fun!
  5. Which mod is the unsung hero of your build?

    Who makes those mud flaps ? Love the look of the white wheel.
  6. Winter is coming, and so is salt. My jeeps owner is confused as to what to protect.

    I keep a few spray cans of fluid film on hand. Every oil change the under carriage and drive train get's an inspection and some part gets a squirt. I'll have to look for the black stuff next time I stock up.
  7. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Had my son print me up a holder for my O-light. No more fumbling through the console, always ready and can charge it without removing it. I have an EDC one and now the jeep has one too. It's the little things.
  8. Best tailgate table?

    I have my eye on that one too. I haven't been able to find a weight rating on it though which is keeping me from pulling the trigger.
  9. For Those Who Change Their Own Oil

    Any brand of drain pan, then I put it in a 5 gallon container. I live in a town where every 1st Saturday of the month I can bring it to the town transfer station. They have a big 500 gallon tank that a private company recycles. It's part of my town taxes
  10. Floor mats not included so looking for input.

    I bought the faux mopar one's from Quadratec. No complaint's.
  11. Help me with my "offroad basics" mods list

    Go with the RedLine Tuning hood props, they don't disappoint.
  12. Worth checking out?
  13. What kind of off-roading can I do in a stock JLU Sahara?

    Put together a recovery kit before you spend on the mods.
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    While I can't afford the expensive mods I can do the ones with salvage materials I had in the garage. Some slightly modified lifting tabs off some electric switchgear, crude but simple and effective. With some velcro strap's my hiking poles and moonlence camp table now have a home in the jeep...