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  1. JL Frame Replacement Process & Pics

    I also submitted a diminished value claim against the at-fault drivers insurance. It’s been dragging on for months. If you don’t mind, what was the % of DV you were able to negotiate? For me, their initial offer was 7% (4K) based on the 63K purchase price and 13K frame damage. I rejected.
  2. JL Frame Replacement Process & Pics

    Some meth head rear ended my brand new Rubicon. Steel bumper and tow hook took most of the hit, but looking underneath I have some frame damage. How are things working out for you since your frame replacement? So far so good? How did you address diminished value with insurance?
  3. JLUR - Plastic vs Steel Bumpers?

    The steel bumpers are substantial. I don’t intend to push anything...but I feel I could. They’re steel - not Fisher Price - what more can I say? Having them straight from the factory means no headache with backup sensors.
  4. JL will not start - with pics - need help!

    Kuwait! I lived there for a year and had some good times. I remember the grand opening of the Ruby Tuesday in 03. I was also a regular at the Sushi place at the Crowne Plaza. Good people - I’d definitely go back.
  5. JL will not start - with pics - need help!

    That battery is almost dead ~40%. Charge it to 13V and try again.
  6. Swap for D44 front or beef up D30?

    Cost of new axle + labor Cost of regearing parts + labor Cost of adding locking rear diff + labor Cost of OEM locking diff switchgear + labor No warranty No resale value for the mods...would most likely sell for less than an unmodified vehicle. You bought the wrong trim level. Just trade up to...
  7. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I’m in Cybersecurity - applied to spacecraft. You’re also completely right about being at war with myself. I lack the time not the ability to do the work. I can’t in good faith pay someone several thousand dollars for a couple hours of basic labor. I learned a decent amount of plumbing...
  8. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I know this will probably come off as elitist, but I’ve had zero luck with tradespeople and figure 90% are completely unreliable. The 10% that are reliable and know what they’re doing are so damn expensive I end up doing the work myself. Some are straight up predatory. Some recent examples are...
  9. Spare / Gas Can Mounting Question

    I saw this picture and immediately thought “What is this black magic...”.
  10. Exceeding the hardtop weight limit

    This is an opportunity. Find a minty 300zx twin-turbo. Manual. You know it’s the car you wanted when you settled for the 240.
  11. Rubicon Diesel on Method 704s

  12. Jeep JLUR rear locker engaging on its own

    The problem is deeper. If the dealer does support the claim under warranty, the solution as someone mentioned is a complete axle swap. He’d lose the regearing. That wiring harness from Z automotive is cheap enough it’s worth attempting.
  13. Jeep JLUR rear locker engaging on its own

    The computer shouldn’t allow Lock unless in 4L - even if there’s a short somewhere calling for it. Did you remove that safety feature, flash the ECU, using a piggyback unit, etc?
  14. Trade-In Value of 2018 2-Door JL Rubicon?

    Just sold an 18’ Sahara Unlimited with 23K miles. Received $500 under the highest KBB trade-in value and 1% under invoice on the new 21’ Rubicon.
  15. Diesel: 19.6MPG Towing 6x12 Trailer 400 Miles

    Like the title says: Towed an absolutely packed (looked like Tetris in there) U-Haul 6x12 trailer roughly 400 miles through the foothills of TN and achieved 19.6 MPG. Effortless. We lost a trailer tire during the trip despite keeping it under 60mph, so there’s a very good chance it was...
  16. Diesel Fuel Safety - Funnel?

    You sir - are a saint. Your wisdom is very much appreciated!
  17. Diesel Fuel Safety - Funnel?

    It's been a week and finally ran through my first tank of diesel. I thought I'd add some Power Service to help with fuel dice. The fuel port has a safety device and I can't insert a funnel. Both local auto parts stores had nothing that would work. I see some funnels available...
  18. The 2022 GMC Hummer Is a 1000-HP, $112,595 Electric Monster Truck

    Just to put this into perspective, a 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S has a 0-60 of 3 seconds...and can’t leave the pavement. It’s $128K. A loaded Escalade is about $90K and they’re extremely popular. This isn’t a truck for the backwoods “yokel” crowd. It’s a luxury vehicle with a specific market...
  19. The 2022 GMC Hummer Is a 1000-HP, $112,595 Electric Monster Truck

    Haters gonna hate. I’d take one of these over a cookie-cutter Silverado, F-150, or even a Raptor. Without a doubt it’s capable, comfortable, practical, and because of the price has exclusively. It’ll be a while before the mullet crowd adopts them, and by that I mean my neighbor can park one on...
  20. For You, My Deer

    Think of it this way - if safety gear were in the stock plastic bumper - it would have to be replicated in the stock metal bumper. I'm going to say no - there are no sensors in the front bumper. All the safety stuff is in the big plastic box where the rear view mirror is located as well as the...