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  1. Anyone up for Rocky Gap trail (Las Vegas NV area) the week of Thanksgiving?

    I was under the impression table Mesa was easy and crown King had the hard stuff. I hope to do both soon. Schnelby was easy but rough. Broken arrow was pretty short but fun. Lots of pink jeeps in the way though.
  2. Jeep Wrangler fire pit

    4wheel parts had something similar last year that was a few hundred bucks. I would have bought it if I planned on living in this house much longer.
  3. Passenger Side Lean Metalcloak 3.5

    Mine leans to the passenger side. IIRC it was around 5/8 up front and a bit over 3/4 on the rear. It is noticeable. Even with myself and most of the heavy stuff on the driver side (cooler and tools) it still leans. I emailed Metalcloak about it and did not get a response. IMO spacers are a...
  4. How does ESS save gas?

    Las Vegas mostly does not have sensored stop lights. This leads to lots of idle time sitting at stop lights for no f$#&ing reason since the only green light is in a direction where no cars are driving. With the ESS on, my mpg is typically 1-1.5 mpg higher than with it off.
  5. 2.0 owners, what MPG are you averaging?

    My best tank was 18.9 according to the lieometer. That was all highway completely stock. Now I usually get 14.5-16 with the 37s.
  6. Badges on backorder

    I got my badges about a month ago from trails I did during EJS. I've had others ship out within a couple days. Its a fun program and I'm happy Jeep is doing it, but I dont get too worked up over them not being shipped out right away.
  7. 2.0s with 37s?

    IMO the "break even" point on diesels is really a pointless argument unless you never sell it or the vehicle with a diesel engine does not maintain a higher value than the standard engine option. When I bought my Ram, the diesel was a $9k option. Current trade in value with the Cummins is $8k...
  8. Anyone up for Rocky Gap trail (Las Vegas NV area) the week of Thanksgiving?

    I'm currently scheduled to work Monday and Tuesday but I'm off the rest of the week. ETA: I dont have an account on that site so I cant read the description. For anyone who has not run the trail, you can run it either way. You can start in Red Rock Canyon (fee area unless you have a National...
  9. 2.0 or 3.6? Canceling diesel build

    I'd rather have the rumored turbo 3.0 inline 6.
  10. 2.0 or 3.6? Canceling diesel build

    I owned a Grand Caravan with the 3.6 and we have a Ram 1500 with the 3.6 at work. I've logged quite a few miles on both of those vehicles so I think I have a pretty good feel for the 3.6. I live at around 2200ft but travel up to 8000ft fairly often. On those trips, the 3.6 SCREAMS trying to...
  11. Winches on Mall Crawlers?

    You'd probably think mine is a mall crawler if you see it driving around, but take a close look at my bumpers, wheels, tires, and sliders and you'll see the tell tale signs of wheeling. They are all scratched, dented, and gouged from rocks. I had a couple guys tell me I need to get it out...
  12. Bourbon talk...

    The Total Wine event I was talking about earlier was Thursday night. Buffalo Trace did not bring out all the good stuff like they did a couple years ago. They had one bottle of Stagg, a bottle of Handy, and some Bowman, etc. The only cool bourbon (for the area) on the concierge list was...
  13. KO2 T/A 39x13.5 R17 weight

    They do make the 17" wheel look small
  14. Fitting 37's on Jeep Rubicon XR - removing fender liners or modified stock fenders for more clearance?

    The Paramount plastic liners will help drop the price some. I have those and the AAL hardware sitting here but still waiting on my Quake slim line fender chop kit. I think I'm around 800 in it. Would have been a bit cheaper without the hardware kit but I don't like the look of the stock clips.
  15. Why so much hate for angry eyes grilles?

    I think they look stupid and they ruin the style of a Jeep. Look more like something that a riced out Civic should have. Grumpers are even worse.
  16. How does the 2.0T respond to bigger tires?

    My setup is in my signature. Still running stock 4.10s. When on the highway, I mostly drive between ~75mph and it will mostly hang out in 7th gear. Rarely do I see 8th unless I'm on a long stretch of flat ground or going downhill. Power wise, I always want more but it does well. I rarely...
  17. Help me install a torq locker (aussie)

    I forgot about the FAD so that would eliminate that issue I suppose
  18. Help me install a torq locker (aussie)

    I installed a Spartan on my XJ myself. Its a toy so I didnt care too much if I screwed it up. These lunchbox lockers have some unique driving characteristics. Get ready for loud ratcheting noises as you turn and some popping on tight turns. If it were ME on a nice new daily driver, I'd...
  19. Best Jeep Dealer for Maintenance - Vegas Area

    I've taken mine to Chapman a couple times and have been very happy with the service. Got the steering box TSB done and had a visor replaced. Virgil is the advisor I have used both times. Their custom shop has been pretty good to me as well (just for buying parts since I'm too cheap to let...
  20. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    I had mine done a couple weeks ago and can definitely tell a difference. It is tighter and takes more effort to steer, which is good because the old gearbox seemed too easy and vague. I need to get some highway and dirt miles on it to really see the whole difference though.