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  1. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    Ah ok, that's what's happening out in the foothills/mountains around us, but hasn't happened n the valley yet I think PG&E shut down one area for 3 days because of wind. Then again, I think they have been found liable in 2 or 3 fires over the last couple years, so that is costing them a lot.
  2. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    How often do you guys have rolling blackouts down south? Last year was the first rolling blackouts we've seen in a decade around the central valley, and my power never went out.
  3. Baja Designs Awesome LP Series Support Thread

    The only way I can see doing this on a single auxiliary switch is to tap your factory high beam wire for a relay to switch low/high on the LP6. So LP6 high beam would only come on with high beam headlights.
  4. Uconnect 3 with 5 inch Radio TERRIBLE!

    My wife's uconnect 3 drives me nuts, will be going the route when they release their JL specific head unit.
  5. Aftermarket Fender Flares for JL Wrangler?

    Love the Ace engineering fenders, hope to see a set with just a few more inches coverage soon.
  6. Pillar Light Mounts that allow Left/Right adjustment?

    I really liked their price point, but those reviews are so back and forth for shipping customers that I'm scared to risk it.
  7. What fenders are these?

    Since those are a picture of prototype fender that might be all they did to get a mock up before figuring out their own light mounting.
  8. What fenders are these?

    Looking forward to seeing these fenders around. A sturdy full width fender that still integrates turn signal is what I'm looking for. And the wife even likes them, so win-win
  9. ProCharger Supercharger system for JL Wrangler (Now Shipping)

    I honestly have no experience with positive displacement. Have only really had FI cars with turbos, and driven a friend's mustang with a centrifugal supercharger. Hoping to find someone close by that can take me for a ride in a boosted Wrangler of some sort. After driving my wife's jeep I'd like...
  10. ProCharger Supercharger system for JL Wrangler (Now Shipping)

    How necessary the load is would have to be determined by the user, if you have quite a few high altitude journeys you wont be losing any power due to lack of pressure. For me it wouldn't be needed, but I can see people who are constantly in the mountain ranges putting a setup like that to good use.
  11. ProCharger Supercharger system for JL Wrangler (Now Shipping)

    The best way to get around the "all power up top issue" is a smaller pulley and a boost controller like a turbo setup would use. It allows for higher rpm of the centrifical supercharger at lower engine speeds, but doesnt blow apart your engine with too much boost up top unless the controller...
  12. Design flaw with Exoskeleton type roof racks?

    They wanted to know if you could take the slide off of the frame while leaving the frame mounted to the body, which you seem to have answered since it's a seperate piece.
  13. Side view mirrors for doors off driving suggestions?

    The phone mount is permanent, the go pro mount is on the end of the rod that the mirror mounts to. The mount replaces the little plastic cap over the grab bar screw.
  14. Side view mirrors for doors off driving suggestions?

    I know the CMM mirrors are pricey, but they are a solid piece of gear. It also adds a great spot to mount your phone to use for a heads up gps. And a go pro for any off-roading you want on record.
  15. Carolina Metal Masters , Mirrors

    Ram mounting systems have some cool stuff, from phones to GPS to tablets. I ended up moving the ones I have to the bottom of the handle like waiting had posted and I really like them there. Just trying to find the phone mount I want to get it set right above the dash behind steering wheel for...
  16. Carolina Metal Masters , Mirrors

    Hopefully they notify people who already bought the others, I'm comfortable with the current CMM mirrors, but wouldn't mind seeing how the bigger ones look.
  17. How does everyone mount their cell phones?

    I got these put in today, the 1" ball mount is as solid as if it came from the factory. Need to get a RAM phone mount to attach the phone, but I think they are well worth the price.
  18. A-Pillar flush mount USB

    Hmm, ok. Sounds like I'll just run it into the top of the dash as close to the edge as I can then. Thanks
  19. A-Pillar flush mount USB

    Has anyone tried flush mounting a USB port on the flat side of the A-Pillar near the windshield? I'm getting the CMM mirror mounts that go on the handle and wanting to run power to a phone mount for gps without running a cable across the dash. Just wondering if there is much space behind the...