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  1. Gear Display - 6 Speed Manual?

    You get it The digital speedometer is just supplemental illumination for ambiance. It is to streeeeeet driving what a laser light show is to a concert.
  2. Honest Feedback Requested 6 Speed Manul

    Never leave first. You're all doing it wrong. Jeep likes to croll. Need slower? 4L .
  3. 6 speed + 4L driving Advice

    Somebody buy this man a beer
  4. 6 speed + 4L driving Advice

    Wouldn't double-clutching avoid damage to the syncros? I double-clutch at low speed (parking lot speeds in 2H) going from first to second, which avoids the loud THUMP, but honestly never thought about it in 4L until reading this post and responses @Jeepjunkie @vavaroutsos
  5. 6-Speed Manual Transmission no longer available, until fixed

    For all tl;dr here's some interesting things on the NHTSA Recall (20V-124): • The clutch plate reached 1,100°C • As of 20 Feb 2020, FCA was aware of 71 combined computerized accident incident reports, field reports and warranty claims, and 1 minor injury related to the issue (that doesn't mean...
  6. Where are you ordering your cabin and engine air filters?

    i don't understand how we have the same filter and different results :headbang: dammit i'm feeding a troll aren't i take whatever you want you win fine fine i'm out
  7. Where are you ordering your cabin and engine air filters?

    well of course it did it wasn't made for a hyundai :CWL: every one of the cabin air filters on that list was made for some other vehicle that uses a cabin air filter that happens to have the same dimensions to within 1/8" of my '18 JL -factory- cabin air filter. The list fills a need predicated...
  8. Where are you ordering your cabin and engine air filters?

    Your JL 2018? Mine fit -- did take a little finagling, but she's still suckin dirt today. The dimensions are within about 1/8"; the problem initially was all the auto parts stores and everyone with google was pointing people to JK air filters and the only JL option available was from Mopar for...
  9. Where are you ordering your cabin and engine air filters?

    Good God that is an insane amount of dust! Kind of speaks to the quality of the Mopar filter which that goes unsaid about the cheaper brands -- the cheapo filter I bought at walmart probably doesn't catch nearly that much crud
  10. Change cup underneath emergency brake handle. Bad design?

    I believe you are also needed at Heated shifter for Manual
  11. Cabin Air Filter - Part# & Servicing

    CEO of FRAM drives a prius
  12. Change cup underneath emergency brake handle. Bad design?

    You're thinking of the lighter holder between cupholder. What OP was referring to is...underneath the emergency brake handle I don't use it for anything but catching dirt dust and crumbs. Does removing the whole thing by the tab help? I haven't tried this for change on a practical basis, but...
  13. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Somehow I got this picture of how it feels to live this Jeep
  14. iklln6's fantastic garage

    iklln6's fantastic garage

  15. Heated Shifter for Manual

    Please do -- as I wrote the response the elephant in my head kept honking (is that what elephants do?) at me: HOW DO YOU KNOW THE DAMN THING CAN'T BE DRIVEN OFF WITHOUT THE FOB despite the warning beeps that the key fob been removed from the cabin. I have the luxury of locking my doors when I...
  16. Engine and Cabin Air Filters?

    Late link to my thorough investigation of this whole JL cabin air filter matter here for the sake of visitors from the future (hi) For Mopar #68301863AA :
  17. Where are you ordering your cabin and engine air filters?

    For #68301863AA : Go to WalMart and get the FRAM CF10728 for $15 or $20. Come on people, we covered this:
  18. Heated Shifter for Manual

    What I do (2018 JL Rubicon; hard top) is push the button (and clutch) to start the Jeep, crank heater et al., step out of the jeep with key fob in pocket., close door and hit "Lock" but only for extra comfort and walk away -- even if you have the doors taken off, though, the key fob in your...
  19. 4wd nervous, jittery and jumpy, especially on turns

    Well I think the topic of differential and transfer case slip (or lack thereof) has been thoroughly touched upon. I'll add this comment just in case: turn off the electronic stability control (ESC).
  20. Cabin Air Filter - Part# & Servicing

    Ah hah so it will fit! If they are as good as K&N's engine filters, the restriction from a smaller cross sectional area due to those beefy edges (x2) will probably be offset by better flow through the filters themselves. Working a real replacement around that corner demands some ...