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  1. Advice on buying dealer inventory

    Wow, you're gonna get 21k on a 2017 Renegade? I guess prices really are crazy.
  2. Pennsylvania Yet another looking for OEM half doors

    @hoag4147 Interesting - thank you for the tip!
  3. Pennsylvania Yet another looking for OEM half doors

    I know this has a snowball's chance in you-know-what, but here goes: I'm in east central PA, about 1.5 hours north of Philly, 45 minutes east of Harrisburg. Willing to drive a few hours. JLU firecracker red Premium uppers Thanks for reading and good luck to all!
  4. Jeep Launches Jeep Graphic Studio for Wrangler Owners to Purchase Custom Graphics / Decals

    Awesome, I guess. Ugh. I mean, seriously. That's great. Nearly four years for us early birds and still can't get half doors from these guys, but they'll make me some fancy graphics for ludicrous prices. I'm kind of done, to be honest. I think the mania is finally wearing off for me. Jeeps...
  5. What’s downside to 392 outside of cost and mpg

    Sorry, I'm getting some of that internet crossed wires thing going on. So the point of your post was to represent yourself as biased? Oh, I think I get it. You're doing the "I only care about me and what I think, reality be damned"? If so, here are your macho points, I suppose. I think you can...
  6. Goodbye JL

    I think the Wagonner looks pretty awesome. No way I could ever afford it, nor do I want all that tech on the inside, but it looks cool.
  7. What’s downside to 392 outside of cost and mpg

    A rather biased representation of the other side, don't ya think?
  8. Jeep Wave. Anyone feel like this?

    Wranglers are the new Corollas. I joke, but only partly. Just seems like everyone has a JL these days. Good for Stellantis, bad for my fragile sense of uniqueness lol
  9. How many are still waiting for a new head unit that Jeep (!) bricked?

    My dealer bricked my head unit when I first bought my JLU, but that was like 3.5 years ago. They were able to switch it out for a new one over the weekend. Wife and I were going to a wedding in her car anyway so it wasn't a big deal, but yea, it's frustrating. I have the smallest Uconnect and...
  10. Unofficial 2 door owners section...until the admins create one for us ...hint hint ...wink wink

    Don't forget vesting their personal worth on how many doors some manly men with super manly bodies and maybe probably manly feelings and manly fulfilled lives...erm... where was I in this sentence? Anyway, yea. 2 doors are the only real jeep because something something and I don't want to feel...
  11. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    Oh, I believe you about the Bronco, no worries there. I'm just saying that my 40k jeep does not have a 40k-quality interior. The plastic molding in my Sport is so jacked that sometimes it scrapes my ankle on my way out the door lol I push it down, it'll pop into place for a while, but then a...
  12. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    Most of us pretty much agree with you, but still... why are you in this thread if it gets you so heated?
  13. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    Let's be real, my friend, this is both vehicles. I think you're just seeing people around here getting antsy because the JL has been out for quite a few years and the novelty has long since worn off. Some people just need to have the newest thing on the block, so they're looking for the escape...
  14. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    I saw my first one the other day, right in my town! Was pretty surprised. I was going to make a turn and saw it coming towards me, so I decided to wait (and probably tick off everyone behind me lol) and let them go past me. Honestly, I thought it looked pretty awesome. It was white with the...
  15. Very Happy Day!

    Congrats! I did mine a few months ago. Awesome feeling. And now I'm not as terrified taking it offroad lol
  16. Next Generation Prediction

    Yea. It is hard to imagine right now. But I guess that's how a lot of this stuff goes: Hard to imagine when you're at the start of it, but then a few years in and you're wondering where you were without it lol
  17. Next Generation Prediction

    I think we'll start hearing stuff around 2023, which lines up with a lot of their electric plans. I think the next gen is gonna be almost entirely electric, with maybe one offering that's still a gas hybrid. In terms of actual release, I'd be shocked if next gen jeeps are on lots before 2025.
  18. Foolish salesperson

    Yea... I know this was meant as a bit of a snarky post, but picking up the phone and having someone rattle off JLURD at me would probably throw me for a loop too, even if I was pretty competent. Not really a term I think a lot of people use.
  19. Who has traded or Sold?

    @Jeepmarkjl Yea, with the way jeep keeps introducing new trims and specs and whatever, there doesn't seem to be an end to "the newest thing."
  20. Half doors review

    Any word on when us peons who already have jeeps can start buying these?