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  1. wth, I hate squirrels..

    .177/1000fps with scope. 197 kia in seven years and squirrel problems have been eliminated.
  2. Would you Jeep with no a/c?!

    Get the opinion of the woman you'd want riding with you. It's the only opinion that matters.
  3. When did your battery die?

    36 months, 15,600 miles - originals still 'good'.
  4. Whatcha name your Jeep?

    'the Jeep' most of the time. When I forget to push the Auto Stop Start button, I call it (or myself) 'dumb ASS'.
  5. Generally, at what angle will Jeep roll over?

    Blood alcohol level is also an important consideration when trying to determine your rollover angle.
  6. Redline Tuning Hood Struts - 5 minute Bolt-In installation!

    Installed hood struts yesterday and like them a lot. While the installation instructions were straightforward and installation was easy, if you can do it in 10 minutes get it recorded on Guinness World Records.
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed Redline hood struts - three years later than I should have.
  8. What are the dumbest comments youve gotten about your jeep?

    As I'm sitting in a parking lot with the engine running, radio playing and windows open, dude leans on passenger door window sill and asks: "Is this your Jeep?"
  9. Spare Tire Cover OR Uncovered

    I have a plain black one that fits perfectly and it saves having to wash the spare.
  10. Is open Jeep a dying art?

    I understand completely the top off comments - all of them. When I was younger I couldn't get outdoors enough and convertible vehicles were a part of it. Nothing is free; at 76 I've had two melanomas on my scalp that have left me with a couple of craters worthy of a moon landing. So a word of...
  11. I Got Some Bad Trail Wounds

    I'd buy a new top and new door, but keep the damaged ones to use on tough trails.
  12. so here is the ticking engine of brand new Wrangler JL

    My '18 3.6 sounds like yours. I had a 2015 Durango with a 3.6 which was so quiet I had to look at the tach to see if was running, so I was surprised my current engine was a bit noisy. However, at 15K miles it runs well and uses no oil so I assume - :) - it's normal.
  13. I finally understand why people hate mall crawlers

    This is my experience too - except I'm in SC. When I was younger (I'm 76) I had four-wheel drive vehicles that had some fairly radical mods, but my JLU engine, suspension, tires (running gear) are all stock. No extra lights, winch, been-there stickers, etc. The only additions being for comfort...
  14. Show me your JL gun holster setup

    I wear a molded leather slide (half) holster in cross draw position with a .357 (2" barrel). The muzzle doesn't touch the seat and the seat belt doesn't bind the revolver. Seated cross draw offers quick access and is comfortable. When I exit the vehicle I don't have to deal with changing the...
  15. Oops, I did it again...

    A good dad would have given the kid the 392. Or thrown the Lamborghini in with the Rubicon. (Do I need to add that I'm kidding?)
  16. Typical jeep owner aside, there is just no reason for people to own a Jeep Wrangler

    I'm pretty much the guy you described and there are a few reasons I don't do much of what you mentioned. The main reason I have one is because I like it and it's fun as a daily driver. I've owned a number of four-wheel-drive vehicles in the past 50 years and I found them useful when needed.
  17. Nosey neighbor..

    I'm still stuck at "wife's bra size". It is the more interesting question and a great conversation starter. It's also a good indicator of how friendly a person might be.
  18. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    I owned a Mercedes diesel a long time ago. It satisfied my curiosity.
  19. Hard top w/new buy

    Given all the wiring, etc, you get with the hardtop and the additional advantages listed, resale value might be a consideration too.
  20. Any ideas for limiting how high the rear glass rises?

    How about using Gorilla Glue to attach a short strap to the interior side of the glass. Use the strap to pull the glass to within reach.