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  1. DIY 4-Tire Tire Inflator / Deflator

    these are the ones I have. WYNNsky 1/4" Heavy Duty Brass Ball Valve Shut Off Switch, 1/4 Inch Male And Female NPT Thread Pipe Fitting
  2. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Sakimike, At the time I was geared @ 5.13 with 37’s. Now I’m geared @ 5.38 on 40’s and get around 17-18. If you’re not going up in tire size 4.10 on the Rubicon should be good. If you’re running with lower gears you should probably step up to 4.56 or 4.88. Do you see 8th gear with your...
  3. Turbo rattle?

    Thanks, glad I could help brother!
  4. Turbo rattle?

    I don’t know mine is a 2018, jeep might have changed the manufacture of their Turbo’s. I believe Garret is a spinoff of Honeywell. So probably the same turbo. My new turbo part number is 5281614AI
  5. Turbo rattle?

    That is awesome. I’m glad they finally are fixing it.
  6. Falcon Nexus Steering Stabilizer Relation?

    can you post a picture of the setup so we can see?
  7. Falcon Nexus Steering Stabilizer Relation?

    I didn’t experience that issue. I use firm on the highway, medium for normal driving and soft for the trail. Noticeable difference on each setting. Are you sure your not binding some where.
  8. Illinois JLU ACE heavy duty sliders

    They are great sliders and the fact they fit over the Rubi rails is awesome.
  9. Illinois JLU ACE heavy duty sliders

    Are you sure they don’t mount to the body? Did you modify them? Looks like they mount to the body mounting points.
  10. Turbo rattle?

    sorry to hear that, they are listening for the wrong clicking noise. My dealer did the same thing. I had to keep pushing for months to get them to see it’s not normal. I would grab your GoPro record your jeep near the turbo like in my video and then take one of their Jeep’s of the same year and...
  11. Utah Ace engineering JL rock sliders

    @duckintheface. Thanks for picking them up. Let me know if you have any questions. Quick and easy👍
  12. Turbo rattle?

    That sucks, I had to keep on them for months to get them to say it was not normal. The turbo engine is loud, it sounds more like a diesel then my 3.0 duramax in my GMC. But that is not the sound, once that gets through to them they‘ll fix it. Keep trying. There isn’t a TSB but thanks to...
  13. Utah Sold: Ace engineering JL rock sliders

    For sale $200 obo plus shipping. Local pickup available. Used: some dings and scratches underneath. Great shape for being used.
  14. Turbo rattle?

    It is the newest version. My original was 5281614AB. The new one is 5281614AI
  15. Turbo rattle?

    I always fill with premium gas. Never regular. The engine makes a ticking noise normally. The turbo clicking noise is completely different. Check out my video in this thread.
  16. Turbo rattle?

    mine is a 2018 built 8/2018. I don’t know if it’s a safety issue. But, it is a issue in reliability and having it break out of warranty would suck.
  17. Turbo rattle?

    Great news, just picked up my Jeep and the clicking noise is gone. They installed a new turbo. Thanks to help from this forum @Meela @AtlanticOverland for their great insight and help. The video I recorded was the push they needed to replace it. Here is the work order. The Jeep feels...