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  1. Stop complaining about the red dash in the Rubicon!

    From my old memories, that was a repeat of the body color and not simply red on all. So, while the glare makes it difficult to see the hood's color, I would think it was a matching red too.
  2. What's New For 2020 Jeep Wrangler? (Engines, Exterior, Interior & Safety)

    Just to add, there seems to be two different LED light packages. One that has just the LED headlights and LED fogs, the other has LED headlights, LED fogs, LED DRL accents, and LED tail lights.
  3. 2019's with ACC EWWWWW

    From these Gladiator pics, it looks like the ACC sensor remains functional when the windshield is down.
  4. Adaptive Cruise Control 2019- need report from new owners

    Do you bother to signal before moving over to the left lane to pass? ;) On our Dodge, after briefly tapping the left directional, the ACC will open up the Hemi, and quickly bring us up to the max speed setting.
  5. Windshield Antenna?

    OK then what exact is the windshield antenna used for?
  6. Welp, my windshield cracked after just 1200 miles

    JL's use the same windshield as the JK's?
  7. Windshield Antenna?

    Over in WF, a new JL owner is having to replace his cracked windshield. He is insisting that some JL's come with an antenna imbedded into the glass. Have any of you heard of this? If true, what is it for? The AM/FM antenna is on the passenger side front fender, and the satellite (GPS...
  8. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    The spreadsheet that will cost you $20. See here...
  9. It’s Official - Production Sahara Retains Flip Flops

    Its not illegal, but officially discouraged. :facepalm:
  10. I removed the JL Wrangler Sport "Euro" Close Out Cover Bumper Pieces

    The 12v outlet that was in the console on the JK's, is now gone on the JL?
  11. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    Except if you are in the Kraft parking lot, when their Mac&Cheese factory explodes. The rescue workers might not find you until after several lunches.
  12. Nacho Wranglers available?? In-Transit to a RI dealer

    For the JK's, Jeep always did a test run to verify the color (body vs top vs fenders, etc). Sometimes it was weeks before production. Sometimes it was years if there was a match problem (ie, purple). I guess these samples of Nacho passed with all A's, and were released for shipment to...
  13. Buying out of state?

    From my own limited experience, it really depends on how much experience the dealership has, with selling to out-of-state customers. Those with good experience, can make the process easy and painless.
  14. One caveat to using the Tread Lightly Discount

    The "infamous" dealer offing 5% below invoice, does then add back on a $600 fee. Why does everyone forget to mention that fee? ;)
  15. Did Jeep Mistakingly Over Price The Wrangler?

    I would not hold your breath, waiting for Jeep to come out with a new Wrangler model, priced lower than a Sport. :facepalm:
  16. Takeoff parts

    Are you sure that only the Sahara's with SelecTrac get 18" wheels, and the other Sahara's with CommandTrac now get 17" wheels?
  17. Power Top Does NOT Leak, BUT..

    On my other vehicle with sunroof, the drain tubes will clog up, but it takes years. I can easily clean them out by using a garden hose to reverse flush them.
  18. Stop complaining about the red dash in the Rubicon!

    So, its been confirmed that, for example, one can order/get the leather dash on a Rubicon?