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  1. Sport S vs Sahara vs Sahara Alt. What am I missing?

    Proximately locks. A lot of people wish that they had added that.
  2. What’s your other car??

    That's awesome, minivans are the best!
  3. 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine

    Yes, the eTorque really works well with the turbo! That electric motor gives it a nice little shove to get started, and by that time, the turbo is doing its thing. It's on the V6 that I question the eTorque's usefulness since the torque curve is flatter.
  4. 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine

    For me it's not a matter of cylinder count but cylinder orientation - real wranglers have straight blocks. The original Wrangler was available in a straight 4 or straight 6. The beloved TJ had the straight 6. It was when the original Daimler disaster JK came out that it got a V. The JK later...
  5. Goodbye JL

    Yep, that's the sad irony. The Wrangler is built for off-road adventures, but because much of the adventure is on-road with a little off-road in between, the Wrangler gets left home for city duty and a bigger vehicle gets used for the adventures. It's too bad they couldn't have designed the...
  6. Florida SOUTH FLORIDA W2B Like New Rubicon Wheels & Tires

    Another thought is to get the Quadratech Morphic wheels, which are the same design but with significantly lower offset (+10), which would give those snowflakes much more dish and make your Jeep look wider.
  7. Goodbye JL

    We were in a similar situation as you, but decided to keep the Wrangler and replaced our other car with a tow beast.
  8. Damning quote on Bronco vs Wrangler

    I really liked our Juke with the 6 speed manual. That little turbo was a lot of fun. I even tried to 'man it up' a little by making a custom lower bumper, added tow hooks, gave it steelie-looking wheels, beefier white letter tires, and wrapped a bunch of interior bits.
  9. Unhappy with MPG - looking for ideas

    I personally think that setup looks fantastic! I often pull up that image of your Jeep when looking at new wheels to compare them to 'stock+'. And I haven't found a wheel I prefer yet. My only desire for finding new wheels is to push them out further, like going to a +10 offset. I like a lot of...
  10. Unhappy with MPG - looking for ideas

    I'm probably the only person who thinks this, but I thought your Jeep looked better before your lift and tires. Those KO2's looked proportional to the vehicle. 35's on Sports and Saharas just look too stuffed into the smaller wheel flares, IMO. Those white rims are awesome, though. I think I...
  11. 4xe Article: Top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t buy a Jeep Wrangler 4xe?

    Judging by the grammar, I'm not even sure he had a keyboard. Might have been swipe-typing.
  12. Next Generation Prediction

    That is the question I've been wondering - will they make it bigger? The JL feels tighter inside than my old YJ, but that had half doors which were thinner, and I'm a little bigger now. We don't take our Jeep on trips because it's just too tight. Ironically, the rear seat passengers have it...
  13. Any other guys ordering Tuscadero?

    Congrats to her! Hopefully the recovery goes smooth and she feels stronger every day. And remember that you can request to put on the window sticker 'this vehicle was especially built for' and your wife's name. I did a similar thing, ordering for my wife her dream vehicle - a yellow jeep -...
  14. What’s your other car??

    Needed something with a little more towing ability and a little more roomy for cruising the American west.
  15. 34s over 35s - Will I regret it?

    Did you remove the rear window glass? it looks good that way.
  16. So. Indiana to Traverse City Mi

    I grew up near Traverse, went to school in Houghton, and also lived in Milwaukee a few years. In that time I had completely circumnavigated Lake Michigan, going into every publicly available (and many not so public) beach access roads looking for great camp spots. I've only been to the east...
  17. Why are roof options limited with Hella Yella?

    Well, your question is almost moot at this point, since HellaYella has been discontinued. But there might be some on dealer lots yet, but they're not likely to have a colored roof either. For some reason Jeep stopped offering HellaYella colored tops somewhere around 2019/2020. It seems...
  18. Ford admits Bronco hard top was epic fail

    I doubt this is the last fix they will have for the hardtops. Usually when something like this happens, there's the first fix that is the fastest and involves the least amount of tooling changes and part interoperability, and then in a couple years will be a fix that involves tooling changes...
  19. Stellantis EV Day tomorrow. Expectations for Jeep?

    I would be excited just for a recessed and blacked out B-pillar.