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  1. Happy Thanksgiving—Moab style!

    Thanks for sharing. ✌️
  2. Happy Thanksgiving—Moab style!

    Beautiful area. Headed there next summer....we will see how cool we can stay??? Any trails or roads you recommend easy or moderate... I am not looking to damage our Jeeps but enjoy getting off the beaten path and seeing the wide open spaces. Driving a stock Rubicon 2 dr and the kids will have...
  3. Happy Thanks Giving!

    Enjoy the day and all the blessing you have been given. Happy Thanksgiving
  4. 2.0L oil, am I crazy?

    Read his post again. He went down from 22 to 15-16.
  5. 2.0L oil, am I crazy?

    Keep in mind that winter blend fuel will result in lower mpg. Add to that the engine does not run as well in the cold so that will also reduce mpg.
  6. What do you store in your JL rear under floor cargo bin?

    Most of my recovery gear. Tow straps, snatch block, har and soft shackles, tree saver, etc....
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Changed my diff oil today at 22370 miles. Everything looked good.
  8. Sting Gray with Tan Top??

    I do not think this would look good..,.but I need to see it to commit to my decision. I am not sure introducing another color is a good idea. We have black interior with red trim...then add tan???? 🤔
  9. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    Sucker for the 2 dr! ✌️
  10. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    Love the Sting Gray
  11. How are Your stock BFG KO ATs performing?

    Quite a few on this forum run the ko2's at around 33-35 psi for ride and wear. Service places air them up to like 45-47psi...a small piece of gravel feels like you are doing heavy off-roading...😁✌️ I have enjoyed mine and seem to be holding up after 22K.
  12. 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine

    I would say 16 gears because the 2.0t is another thing when in 4 low. The manual shift feature was awesome going up and down the mountain trails and highways in Colorado. Did not have to burn up my brakes.
  13. Winter is coming, and so is salt. My jeeps owner is confused as to what to protect.

    So is the fluid film black just have a black color? Is that easier to see where you have sprayed? Is there a lower temperature point that you can or should not apply the fluid film? Thanks
  14. Lifestyle Trails (A.K.A. “Trails for Pusses”) — list them here!!!!!

    Cinnamon Pass is pretty easy. The drive from Animas Forks to Lake City is beautiful. Just drove it this summer and it was in pretty decent shape. If this is trails for pusses them turn around and come back on Cinnamon Pass you will not like the very last bit of Engineer Pass on the return trip.
  15. Tops off 2 door pics!

    They are Lange Coyote Mirrors. They have been great. They are easy to install and hold steady at interstate speed. Love the round look with the round headlights. Hope they work for you.
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Changed the oil and filter, installed the K&N engine filter and cabin filter. Next up is the differential fluids!