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  1. Factory Fender Flares Stuck

    The Factory Fender Flares are the worst design I have ever seen. Jeep was designed as an off road vehicle, and these JL Fender Flares collect small rocks between the metal body and plastic Flares. I had a JK for the last 7 years and never had this issue. I live up in the mountains of Colorado...
  2. Finally got my ordered Jeep - HardTop Damaged

    i'm going to give the dealership a few weeks, and if there is no updates, i will get them to give me another Top off anther 2 door Jeep
  3. Finally got my ordered Jeep - HardTop Damaged

    Its a black top, they took pictures of it and promised me it will be made right. They told me if Chrysler have any issues ordering a new one, or with it, they would swap it with one on lot
  4. Finally got my ordered Jeep - HardTop Damaged

    when i went to pickup my 2019 Rubicon the bottom corner of my hardtop is cracked and chipped :( Dealer took pictures and sending them to Chrysler. I'm bummed
  5. Non Rubicon Owners - Would you have paid for upgrades?

    I wish I could have ordered my Rubicon 2 door without Power windows, locks, cruise, and no stupid backup camera. Had crank windows in my JK Rubicon
  6. Stubby Front Bumper

    Can you mount a front license plate to this bumper?
  7. Oracle LED Headlights

    why are you selling them?
  8. Any recommended Colorado dealers?

    Yes I agree, and I have had issues with their department too, but the Autonation West Store in Golden is great
  9. Raised white lettering: out!

    I ordered my jeep ruby with raised raised white letter tires, free option :)

    I see a lot of people putting LED headlights on there Wranglers. Why not just change the bulb with a conversion kit? These kits are $150-$200 A whole lot less than $500 ++++ Headlights. What are pro's and con's? Anyone with good luck with LED Bulb Kit?
  11. Any recommended Colorado dealers?

    Go see Ryan M at AutoNation Jeep West in Golden
  12. Removing front passenger seat (JL)

    2 door is so much more agile, I have slept in my 2 door 100's of times, i hang a hammock in there
  13. What does KZLD mean?

    Your sales person can look it up for you on the Chrysler Dealer Connect Portal
  14. What does KZLD mean?

    It says i'm in KZR now ETA: 12/31
  15. What does KZLD mean?

    Oh yes, i have a login to Chrysler Dealer Connect and can check it as a dealership can
  16. What does KZLD mean?

    I have the same list, but there is no KZLD on it?
  17. What does KZLD mean?

    JB – shipped to body vendor