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  1. Update on oil leak... leak is back.

    I waited 2 months for mine, I sure hope it wasnt for nothing. I'll post up my service invoice later when I get home. I think it's in the Jeep glove box.
  2. Update on oil leak... leak is back.

    ha! yes, I'd have them on hand. I think I was 9th in line for a set at the time. If the technician follows the repair procedure then he will need them. However, they have done several of these 3rd gen ecodiesel timing cover leaks at this point. They might have a secret work-around that they...
  3. Update on oil leak... leak is back.

    These tubes are marked as a one-time-use part with Jeep. They arent supposed to use them a second time. My dealer did. Thats the only way I got my Jeep back. My dealer had to bill them on the invoice just to get paid for the warranty repair. They were not due in for another month and that wasnt...
  4. Gorilla glass my a$$! Cracked after just 2 months

    You are correct, it is chemically strengthened to resist scratching. It's cell phone glass. By federal law all windshields have to be safety sheet. that means two layers of glass bonded together with an adhesive. No different that non-gorilla glass windshields. Cell phones still break. No...
  5. Update on oil leak... leak is back.

    Well, this may, or may not apply. My timing cover had a slow leak. We used dye to trace it. I took it back and they started repairs. That's when they found out that we needed part 68524869AA . It was on backorder. Just a head's up, ask if the procedure to put it back together requires these...
  6. Update on oil leak... leak is back.

    Just plan on adding dye and picking it back up. You will drive it for a while until the leak can be easily traced back to the origin.
  7. Update on oil leak... leak is back.

    Agree with the dye. On my first trip with an oil leak my dealer changed the fluid and added dye. They asked me to drive it until it leaked again and then bring it back. Best way to track down a leak. All you're really seeing down there are the effects of gravity.
  8. '21 Diesel Oil Leak on Engine Driver's Side

    go by and start a conversation. Have them order the applicable part numbers. For instance, if it's the timing cover then make sure they have this tube kit ( 68524869AA ) on hand before dropping it off. You will be driving it for the next couple of months while they wait for parts to arrive...
  9. 2021 JLU Rubicon Diesel Leaking Fuel

    Can you share the part number from your final invoice?
  10. How to handle Jeep Dealership Experience Survey

    In general I suppose. I'm in the industry so I know the feeling. My advisor starts to talk about the survey when I pick up my Jeep from the dealer and all I can do is reassure him it will be taken care of. He can rest at ease and know i've got his back.
  11. How to handle Jeep Dealership Experience Survey

    All perfect scores no matter what. Costs you nothing. It could really help someone's family. People who trash surveys receive nothing in return.
  12. Update on oil leak... leak is back.

    My parts are internal and no longer needed unless they fail. There is no telling what the real story is down the line causing delays. Someone in Asia probably had a kid and took 3 months maternity leave. It'll break loose one day. Only other option is stepping up to the next assembly. For...
  13. Update on oil leak... leak is back.

    nope, that was day 56 when i wrote it. the eta was sept 22nd which would have put me at day 93 when the part comes in. No rental, I have a 2nd car to drive. We put it back together with the old parts. i picked it up about 3 days ago.
  14. Update on oil leak... leak is back.

    No, but i'm in the same boat. Went in for an oil leak. Asked ahead of time if they have all of the parts or if we should order first. They said no problems. Fast forward 56 days later and i'm waiting on a fuel line kit 68524869AA Eta? day 93 in shop is current eta. not guaranteed.
  15. '21 Diesel Oil Leak on Engine Driver's Side

    Mine is still stuck on a lift waiting on parts for over a month. Two trips to get the leak diagnosed.
  16. Escalating parts issues to FCA

    I read an article this week about how Ford wants to move toward more direct orders. they feel it will reduce the need for incentives to move inventory sitting on dealer lots (after this microchip mess is sorted out) and increase profits.
  17. Escalating parts issues to FCA

    thats brutal. not sure i could drive without music!
  18. Escalating parts issues to FCA

    the a/m braided lines were a good idea. probably gives you more clearance for axle droop too. I dont think they make a/m for the fuel line tube kit or I would try it.
  19. Escalating parts issues to FCA

    since the part wasn't available go ahead and source one. I'll reward you for it.
  20. Escalating parts issues to FCA

    anyone who can come up with this part gets 10% off my site as a token of my gratitude.