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  1. New York 2019 Rubicon takeoff suspension $100

    interested as well if if the others fall through
  2. WTB Rubicon Suspension

    WTB: JLUR shocks and struts. Located in New York. Thanks in advance ✌
  3. Virginia SOLD 0 miles 2019 Rubicon takeoff $125 SOLD

    Is it still available? Would you ship?
  4. Steering wheel wobble?

    I have a fox on order. I had a steer smart one and it lasted 2 months and started leaking. Jeep care did absolutely nothing for me. I have been 2 dealerships and no results. Completely frustrated with this Jeep. I should have kept my JK
  5. Steering wheel wobble?

    Hey guys, I’m currently fighting to get my 2018 Wrangler Sahara fixed. Same symptoms with hitting certain bumps on the highway will cause my steering wheel to shake. My dealer has rebalanced my wheels and tires, which slightly helped. I’m on my 3rd damper. My dealer had my Jeep for over a week...
  6. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    No i haven’t. I’m gonna drop it off my next day off and hopefully they can at least do that. Hopefully that will solve the issue
  7. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    I recently having the same issue that Kevin8086 was experiencing. Mine started when the temperature got below freezing. My steering has no give to the left but is an intermittent problem. Has been to the dealer once and of course couldn’t be replicated on the 2 minute drive. I contacted Jeep...
  8. Rubicon LED with NO Blind Spot Detection Question

    I know the topic hasn’t been touched on in a bit here. I was curious if anyone has added the bsm to there jl.