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  1. soft top vs hard top and HEAT

    I live in Phoenix. Average 30 to 40 days of 110+ in the summer. Standard sport hard top, no headliner, and dark window tint. No issues for me. The fiberglass doesn’t seem to transfer heat very well. i feel like I don’t see many softops out here because the Uv probably kills them quick.
  2. Interesting new dealer revenue scheme

    That and it was founded by a felon. But don’t tell me crime doesn’t pay. I think older Ernie is the wealthiest man in AZ.
  3. Will the 392 Join in the end game?

    To me, logic dictates we have the best of both worlds: Green and oil. Like it or not, oil comes from the Middle East and green comes from China. If you have a choice, they tend to compete and bring the price down. That’s why I don’t get this outlaw, ban, and mandate stuff. It’s obtuse. Give us...
  4. 2.0T 0-60 in 5.8 seconds

    The one exception I have would be for convenience: I’ll trade 0-60 seconds for the convenience of range and fill up time of my 3.0 on road trip. It’s just not worth the nightmare of having 2 kids run around a rest stop fighting the whole time in a pandemic because my vehicle can’t make the up...
  5. JL Dana 35 E locker?

    Or just wire in a relay and have the switch control that.
  6. The worst engine choice. The 392.

    I hate to say it but in about 10 years we’re all going to be worrying about staying at off road parks for a weekend and worrying about recharging so you mind as well get used to it with a 392 while you can. That engine just got retired from most of dodge’s line up by 2024.
  7. Doetsch 2.5 Ton Drag Link/Tie Rod for JL

    Not to sound like a complete tool (but I will anyway) but why are they’re called “2.5 ton?”
  8. Will the 392 Join in the end game?

    Yeah, it’s fun. I see why they’re addicted to it. It makes me feel powerful telling others what choices to make. This is cool.
  9. Will the 392 Join in the end game?

    Why exclude production emissions? Let’s carbon tax the manufactures too. Then they only need to make cars that go about 35 miles a day and there is no reason they need to do 0-60 in anything faster than 10s. By heavily taxing those vehicles we can steer more people to the “right choice.” I bet...
  10. Will the 392 Join in the end game?

    I find it ironic the guy was arguing about what is practical when he owns a jeep which only 9% of us use for “jeeping.” The practical approach are Smart car sized EVs and the government forcing manufacturers to limit the 0-60 time to no faster than 7 seconds. We’re only one egregious accident...
  11. Will the 392 Join in the end game?

    Doubt it, because the government isn’t mandating it. That seems to be the common issue.
  12. Will the 392 Join in the end game?

    I think the issue isn’t how many homes have garages; rather how many people live in a domicile - of whatever style - with parking where you can decide to wire it for an EV to charge at night. I haven’t rented since college but I can see landlords, who have installed chargers, now adding a...
  13. Will the 392 Join in the end game?

    It’s never going to get that fast. Ever. I watched a NOVA on the subject and those people smarter than me said at best we will see a 10% reduction in charge times.
  14. Considering switch to JT

    What’s amazing to me is the 3.0 diesel has more torque - or close to it - than the 24v cummins (98.5-02) did from the factory. One of the 3.0 tuning companies is getting like 510ft/lbs at 1900 rpm out of those little engines.
  15. Will the 392 Join in the end game?

    True but why would I spend $44k on a sedan when I can buy an electric GEM car (glorified golf cart) that does 60 miles a day, and has hvac for $11k? Or I can just ride my bicycle and be healthier? I’d rather own a diesel and walk to the grocery store and Uber when necessary. You can eliminate...
  16. Will the 392 Join in the end game?

    One other thing. I don’t think I’ll ever own an EV. They’re just so vanilla to me. I’d lease one but that’s about it. They just don’t do anything for me.
  17. Will the 392 Join in the end game?

    I don’t understand why it’s always a one or another deal. EV sedans will probably be the norm but I seriously doubt the light duty diesel (and obviously the heavy duty diesel) will be replaced with an EV anything. The Rivian may replace the Tacoma but the thing weighs in at 8500 lbs. It’s not...
  18. I was just offered $51,500 by a dealer...

    True the only down side is this: With interest rates so low right now, the total cost of the loan may only cost you $3k on $50k over 8 years. That’s nothing and it may be more worthwhile to have cash in hand right now considering the way prices are rising. If you invested $50k 8 years ago it...
  19. I was just offered $51,500 by a dealer...

    Do the math and if the numbers make sense do it. I’m skeptical or the gain may minimal because: “The average transaction price (ATP) for a new vehicle was up nearly 10% ($3,789) from one year ago in August 2020, and up 1.6% ($685) from July 2021.”
  20. Water in Fuel (WIF) and NO START

    I wonder if it’s old fuel because of the lack of driving from Covid - although I think things have picked up.