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  1. Minimalistic Rear "Bumper"

    I've been threatening to do something similar since I bought my JLU in April '19 Did you start with 4" sq that you ripped down to angle?
  2. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Yes, people have. There are part #'s in this thread. Don't let the dealer "fix" it unless you like doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result (ie insanity) Just get an open carrier if you don't 'wheel or maybe a TruTrac if you do. Talk to a qualified 4x4 (or even hot rod)...
  3. Gazelle in a JL?

    I searched and just found a single shot of a Gazelle tent in a JL running front to back. I need the backseat 100% unobstructed for the dogs (or passengers), so has anyone found a way to carry a Gazelle in the JLU cargo area? I'm fine with the 3-person version but even that is 57" IIRC. The...
  4. Pooping...the least talked about overlanding topic

    You're just not Woke enough......
  5. 35000 miles and Rear Axle Assembly is shot

    This. No axle on any car or light truck should actually require fresh gear oil every 15k miles. I don't know exactly what is going on, but something ain't right. I mean primarily it seems to be the LSD's and that just suggests poor formulation of the friction material on the clutches. If...
  6. Pooping...the least talked about overlanding topic

    I realize the last reply was awhile ago, but I've used the same ammo can for decades. Squat in the woods, pick it up just like you would in the dog park, tie off bag, toss it in the can. Dispose of at gas station when back at civilization. On full-size rigs I actually had a way to anchor the...
  7. ARB Jack Mount Options- Are there any?

    Yep, it's easy, at least with hardtop. You'll want the GCPA (GPCA??....something) tie downs or equivalent. Been running it here for quite some time. Works out great and actually pretty easy to get at if needed...
  8. Oil change frequency, dealer told me DO NOT use service required alert?

    Do any of the JL offerings employ hydraulic tensioners?
  9. Best Rockers that come up and over?

    Motobilt. 3/16" plate And no, Minnesota Mining 'N Manufacturing double sided tape will likely not hold them...
  10. Passenger Side Lean Metalcloak 3.5

    If it's any consolation, order a spacer kit for rear and split it with a forum member. A kind member here sent me one of his Fishbone spacers for roughly half the cost of the pair. Or as they said in Contact: "The first rule in government: why buy one when you can buy two for twice the price?"
  11. MC 2.5" lift - front springs bowed.

    I have this, too, but OP's appear bowed left/right? That feels like a track bar length issue? Mine are bowed to the rear from caster? Am I seeing OP's pics wrong??
  12. Regear rear axle only?

    I can't think of any way the vehicle has to measure actual driveshaft speed. If there were a VSS in the t-case one could argue that allows the vehicle to see REAR d/s speed, but I've never seen a t-case with TWO VSS's, ie one for each output (rear and front). Engagement of even AWD is...
  13. 8 Speed Transmission Serviced (850RE)

    Would be interested to know how fluid temp compares on a scan tool vs dash. Maybe I'll check this out.....if I remember
  14. Driveshaft CV leak

    Is it oil or grease? The rzeppa wouldn't have oil in it. A leak at a pinion flange (gear oil) or t-case flange (ATF) will often pool in the cavity of the flange and eventually find its way out. If it's grease it could be the rzeppa itself. If you're worried I'd clean it up well with solvent...
  15. Rubicon axle/bearings noise - is this normal

    No, it doesn't sound normal to me, but without being there I'm unsure of what to suggest it is. Have you had any luck with further troubleshooting?
  16. Rear Utility Cargo Rack recommendations?

    Who makes the GGB (Grocery Getter Basket)? That's another option.... I don't have a slide out for my cooler and honestly don't want one (blasphemous I know) so I've been thinking a "half shelf" would be perfect for me. I think I'll have to build something that's roughly half the width of the...
  17. Rotopax "interlocking" containers

    No, the other way ;)
  18. Rotopax "interlocking" containers

    This is a serious question - I'm not bashing Rotopax. I recently got two of their 2-gallon containers which can "interlock" at the bottom. Thing is, I'm not understanding the point? It seems like a PITA because they twist together and you can't remove one at a time - they have to come off...
  19. TrailRax copy

    Ok well this is mostly just gratuitous picture whoring because it doesn't have a whole lot to do with the project, except to say that the "copy" survived the weekend with aplomb. Now, I only had one 2 gallon water container on there (see previous rant about USPS), but we had three solid days of...