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  1. 4WD Low odd sound

    Thank you for the quick reply.
  2. Pennsylvania

    I plan on doing the Off Road Consulting 101/201 combo on April 6th and 7th if anyone else is going.
  3. 4WD Low odd sound

    I have a JLUR with upgraded shocks but otherwise stock. I have noticed a mechanical sound only in 4-low that can best be described as the clunk you would hear if there was some slop in the drive train. It appears to be coming from closer to the T-case than the rear axle and only happens during...
  4. Pennsylvania

    There is an annual park fee of $20. This is good until 12/31 next year. There is an off road consulting fee of $30 There is a daily park fee of $50 for driver and $10 for passenger. If it is just you, $100 the first time and $80 after that. This comes out to about $16 an hour for the first...
  5. Pennsylvania

    Is anyone else planning on doing this weekends reindeer run at Rausch?
  6. Off Road Pages has arrived via OTA software update!

    Drivetrain and pitch/roll are the same. The big difference is the accessory gauge screen. This is what I use off road. It has all of your temps and pressures displayed on a single screen.
  7. Longer shocks than needed.

    I believe you would have to install longer bump stops to keep from damaging the shock on full compression as well as spring retaining clips to keep the springs from unseating under full extension.
  8. OEM Rubicon shock specs

    Thank you. I appreciate the help.
  9. OEM Rubicon shock specs

    so I have looked all over and cannot find this information. Does anyone know the compressed length, extended length and travel of the OEM Rubicon shocks? I am looking to install the new 0-2 Falcon 3.1s and want to be sure I won’t bottom them out.
  10. Creaking sound from driver side pillar

    I have the same missing weld as well (build 5/18). I am going to check some JLs on the dealer lot on Friday to see if they have welds on the drivers side.
  11. Pennsylvania

    This is correct. $30 for ORC and $30 for the one day pass. I like the trails at RC better but AOAA definitely has better support infrastructure (parking lot, port a potties food, etc). Some of the trails at AOAA have trees that are very tight. There was one trail where I scratched both front...
  12. Creaking sound from driver side pillar

    I did the exact same thing. I had my wife listen as I applied pressure to the role bar and b pillar. My sound is definitely coming from inside the upper few inches of the B pillar.
  13. Creaking sound from driver side pillar

    I will PM you when I have an appointment scheduled. Thank you for your help on this.
  14. Creaking sound from driver side pillar

    I have this exact issue with mine. I removed the top and all of the plastic trim. The squeaking sound is still there where the B pillar and top roll-bar are connected. It definitely gets louder when there is torque applied to the frame (accelerating, turning, braking). I'm going to have the...
  15. Pennsylvania

    You will both enjoy the 101. Kyle is a great instructor. Ive done the 101 in a JK Willys, My JLUR and my Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. My wife has done it in the Willys and will be doing it in the JLUR soon. You'll learn about airing down, BLD, lockers, sway bar disconnects, hill climbs, hill...
  16. Transmission temps

    I've never seen mine break 205. Most of the time, it hovers around 197.
  17. Going Off Road for a Newbie

    I would encourage you to look into Off-Road Consulting. They offer a 101 course that teaches everything you are asking and more. They are based out of Rausch Creek off road park just north of Harrisburg, PA. It’s about 3 hours from you. Is is a great course. Both my wife and I have done it...
  18. CarPlay problems

    I took mine to the dealership for this. They identified there is a problem but just said "there are no uconnect updates yet". It basically felt like they acknowledged the problem but didn't want to do anything to do with it.
  19. Tuffy security deck for JL Wrangler

    Contact Tuffy. I have the same kit. They called me to let me know the subwoofer modded panel has been tested and is now being built. They hope to ship in the next two weeks. They will ship out just this panel to make the existing kit compatible with the sub.