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  1. Rubicon tires / highway driving

    I drove my mother-in-law's JLUR on an 8 hour round trip. She has the hard top with headliner. The wind noise was louder in her Jeep than in my JLUR that has the premium soft top
  2. What was your previous daily driver?

    2014 JK sport. Only 18000 miles on it. Traded it in for my JLUR
  3. When did you do your first oil change.....?

    I did my first one early at 2500 miles with pennzoil full synthetic and mopar oil filter. Changed it myself in my garage. I don't like the dealer touching my vehicles. I will probably do my next change at 10000 miles
  4. Need help! Swapped out oem halogens for oem LED's

    When I had my JK I swapped out my headlights and fog lights to LEDs and everything worked flawlessly, so it's pretty annoying if the fix for my issue is getting my Jeep flashed at the dealership!
  5. Need help! Swapped out oem halogens for oem LED's

    My dad is a manager at the plant that makes the Jeep headlights, so he pulled them right off the assembly line for me.
  6. Need help! Swapped out oem halogens for oem LED's

    So I swapped out my OEM halogen lights for brand new OEM LED headlights on my '18 JLUR. They work when my Jeep is in "run" mode (halos don't work because the wire harness doesn't have the 4th wire to power them). HOWEVER.... as soon as I start my Jeep, the headlights flicker and shut off. Am I...
  7. Soft top versus hard top

    My premium soft top JLUR is definitely more quiet than my 2 door hard top jk. No regrets
  8. will a 2 door work?

    So, when I bought my Jk, I had never driven stick before. Took a couple days to get used to, but eventually it becomes second nature. I also have a baby on the way, and I definitely did not want to climb in and out of the back seat to mess with the car seat. I traded up for a JLUR and couldnt be...
  9. The clutch gang!

    I ordered my JLUR with the 6 speed, cloth seats, and premium soft top. It's perfect for me!