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  1. Uconnect 8.4 and android auto

    No severe issues but two deal breaking ones for future jeep purchases 1. two years in and android auto hasnt worked over a year in a half after an an update. Multiple phones, cables, and usb ports. It simply doesn't activate. Just spams the screen with "device not supported" prompts every few...
  2. Drivers side seat won’t fold back

    Yep. Order just placed for 2 each. Dealer is being spotty again.
  3. Drivers side seat won’t fold back

    Yep. Dealership wanted me to come in again and drop it off for an assessment (last time was an all day affair). Just to replace the same plastic piece. Moving forward just keeping a socket in the car and will take it in before warranty ends I guess or until class action happens.
  4. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    If y'all will allow a fancy phone edited photo, I had fun exploring this weekend in NorCal
  5. Drivers side seat won’t fold back

    Update: got my seat fixed. They finally stopped claiming they need to replace the wire and to just replace the seat guide doohickey... It worked for four days. FOUR DAYS. Now it's broken again. Out on the trail today, let my daughter out of the back seat and *clang* the rail guide shattered...
  6. Uconnect 8.4 and android auto

    Yep, having the same issue for about a month. Worked well for first 4 months then kaput... tried multiple cables, multiple outlets, amd 3 different android phones. I believe it happened after also plugging in a USB drive filled with music. Headed in to dealership appointment Thursday. Lame 2020JLRR
  7. Drivers side seat won’t fold back

    Update: 3/8 extension worked for me (I used a 6" then slid it out of the track). Holding recline fine to get it to the dealership today but looking at the passenger side it's only a matter of time. This design is garbage.
  8. Drivers side seat won’t fold back

    Add me to the club. 2020 JLR Recon 2-door. 3800 miles. Drivers side locked and shrapnel on the rear floorboard. Soooo dissapointing.
  9. 8.4" Touchscreen wear!!!! WTF?

    Not sure if there is a new threat out here but on a 20' JLR. I've babies this thing for the 3 months I've owned it. Noticed today. Wtf.
  10. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Added 35's today. Stock suspension. Lift is next, but don't plan any serious wheeling thanks to all the fires.