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  1. Bury the Needle

    Hah! I do the same thing, not sure who I've beat yet but I 100% agree about it being a sleeper. No one would ever suspect it!
  2. Bury the Needle

    TC off, foot on brake and 1500 rpm.
  3. Bury the Needle

    In my experience, the governor hits right at the ass end of the 1/4 mile. It doesnt die out, or lose any steam, just just doesn't go any faster. I was 704 in the first pic and 303 in the 2nd. Only difference between these two nights was the top was off in the 303 & about 20 degrees cooler...
  4. Anyone using their 392 as a daily driver?

    Daily driver here - 50 miles round trip. Now that the lead foot has lighted up a bit, I can go all week and a few trips locally before a refuel. It just doesn’t get old. 🤣