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  1. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    I ordered a JLUR on Aug 9th, few weeks ago dealership told me my order was cancelled by FCA because they can’t build it with the Sky One Touch and Cold Weather. So just waiting for 2022 orders to open and hopefully it goes well.
  2. Cancelled Factory Order

    I ended up just calling FCA Canada. The lady was nice but didn't have concrete information. She said she has been hearing of them cancelling orders to switch production over to MY22, but then I told her the dealership said it was cancelled cause of the two packages. So she mentioned all the chip...
  3. Cancelled Factory Order

    Should I call FCA Canada and provide my VON number and see if they cancelled it, will they provide that information? I hope my dealership isn't trying to play games with me.
  4. Cancelled Factory Order

    I was surprised they wouldn’t just keep my order and fulfill it when they have the parts. Dealership said I could order again without the 2 options, but that’s a deal breaker for us. Hopefully it won’t be a problem for the 2022.
  5. Cancelled Factory Order

    No, only ever received the VON.
  6. Cancelled Factory Order

    Been creeping the forums while waiting for our Fully Loaded JLUR which we factory ordered Aug 9. We expected a long wait, no problem. We received news today that order cannot be completed and is cancelled because they can't include the Cold Weather Package and One touch sky roof. Just...