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  1. UConnect Radio - Display Freezes and Glitches

    Suprisingly, the rebooting has stopped, but still have intermittent problems with my phone connecting/disconnecting during calls. Just seems to lose sound. Wish you luck with yours. I haven’t taken it in for service to report my issues yet, but sure I will in case they continue.
  2. Alabama Sold!!392 Snazzelberry 1/2 doors

    Good to see another Alabama 392. I'd hope you could sell the half doors quickly, they aren't currently available as a standalone item across the MOPAR parts counter and I'd assume when they DO become available they will be a lot more expensive that what we are charged for the dual door package...
  3. 392 Seat cover experiences?

    How’s the fitment of them? Did you just order a stock color? I’m surprised they had them in stock, considering our 392 seats are slightly different. Thanks for the insight! John
  4. Alabama Black Premium Soft top Complete for JL 4 door

    Thank you. Picked one up in Nashville, I appreciate it!
  5. Want To Know Where Your Vehicles Are At All Times? Use Apple Airtag

    Yep, this is the cheapest insurance tracker you can get. I’ve got it on vehicles and expensive equipment. Apple devices are everywhere!
  6. 392 Seat cover experiences?

    So, I’d like to compile a list of seat covers that are compatible with the 392 higher bolsters, and real world feedback from those whom have them. I.e. shipping time, cost, install ease, quality, etc. For personal interest, I’m in the market for covers to protect my leather seats from frequent...
  7. Gorilla Glass imperfection inside the glass pane?

    So, didn’t notice this at pickup when new. Thought it was a bug on the windshield, then thought it was just residue in the interior, but finally took a razor blade to it, and it doesn’t come off. Looks like a stray string of resin/adhesive, and a smudge of some sort. Directly below the rear view...
  8. No more affiliate pricing?

    My local dealer wouldn’t accept affiliate pricing, as they wouldn’t sell anything under invoice due to low inventory. Check with another dealer. I hadn’t heard they were pulling affiliate pricing program next month though, that sounds crazy to cut off all those relationships built to funnel...
  9. Wife’s Jealous of My Jeep

    🙈I’ve considered it, but can’t get my head around having two of the same vehicle. I might consider a 392 gladiator or a TRX addition, but I don’t think I can give up the 392 unlimited. I need a bigger garage. 😂
  10. Picking her up today! Sting Gray 392

    I wouldn’t go through that much trouble. If you’re going to do that, just ship the Jeep. Personally, I know these doors go with my Jeep, and even though they are packed well, I wouldn’t trust a shipper to handle them. Good luck!
  11. Picking her up today! Sting Gray 392

    The passenger seat was almost all the way forward, and the driver seat was tolerable, but I’d prefer moving it back. It’s amazing how tight they Tetris the boxes, then put spray foam packages to solidify the position. Really smart! However, hearing the engine, I didn’t care. I would have driven...
  12. Quality of Backup Camera

    Do you want it at night or daytime? …and I also have the front trail cam.
  13. Quality of Backup Camera

    My rear camera was impressively clear on my 392. You must have something else going on.
  14. Wife’s Jealous of My Jeep

    This sounds like my similar situation. I tried to get my wife to buy a Jeep instead of her 3 row suv and she said it wasn’t practical. So a year later, I buy a 392. She takes if for a drive and tell me my truck is more fun than hers, and she wants one. After hearing the 392, she said anything...
  15. Just don't buy the 4xe! Please don't!

    You don’t need to hire an attorney, just send a certified letter to Jeep requesting they buy back your vehicle under lemon law. They have 15 days to respond, I think, details are in your states applicable lemon law. I was in a similar situation, with a Nissan that I bought. The letter got...
  16. Alabama Sold: Black Premium Soft top Complete for JL 4 door

    Currently have a hardtop and want the option of a soft top, brackets, etc. to mount for ease of top down fun. I'm in Alabama, but would travel for the right deal. Prefer tops with very little use, if possible. Let me know what you've got! John
  17. UConnect Radio - Display Freezes and Glitches

    I have had mine for about 2 weeks, and had this happen a couple times. Oddly, it its just goes blank and reboots. Happened the first day I got it, and thought I may have just hit the power button, but the second time it happened I figure it may be a windows XP machine, sometimes it just needs...
  18. ThinSkinz® Shieldz for your Jeep JL Doorz

    Just ordered mine. These are a great idea, and my dog is going to love me being a bit more chill about him slobbering on the doors. Thanks!
  19. Looking for amber backlit round lights for the front bumper - Sting Gray 392

    Awesome, thanks for the feedback. I read that they have harnesses that integrate with factory harness, but I need to call and find out if that means the LP-6 can operate off the Aux buttons without any butchering. Fingers crossed. Is that a Zeon winch?