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  1. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    Here is mine. Just upgraded. 37 x 12.5 Cooper STT Pros on 17" Traction Offroad flow formed Aluminum beadlocks! Thanks @DOOKEY !
  2. '18 JL 2-Door Stretch Project

    Awesome Build! Following...
  3. Decepticon Offroad

    Decepticon Offroad

  4. Jeep Fest

    I'll be in the parade. Stop by and say Hi!
  5. Traction Off Road - 17x9 Friction Double Beadlocks

    Woot! Those are mine! Still waiting on tires...:crying:
  6. Silver Lake Dunes Michigan Interest

    Yes, I would say that a third of the park are "big hills" that are blocked by "test hill". This is the area directly to your left as you enter. The area to your right of where you enter is one way (coming towards you at that point) but is much easier terrain. Also, straight ahead, near the...
  7. Lack the strength to mount tires

    Working on military vehicles, we mount MTVR tires. 210 lbs each. We adjust height of the vehicle with the floor jack to match the tire. It works but I would hate to try and change one of those in the field!
  8. First time in sand. Silver Lake dunes MI

    All good advice above but I would say feel free to try test hill. Remember, NEVER turn around on the side of a dune. If you can't make it up, back straight down and either try again or exit out the valley. Yes, you might get high centered on the top of test hill but there are lots of nice...
  9. Jeep Clubs & Trail Ride Locations in South East Michigan

    @Jasper71, Welcome! I'm a member of Wicked Jeeps SE MI. It's probably the biggest jeep club in the area. It's a lifestyle club so there are all kinds of people but also lots of people (like me) that actually off road. Check out their facebook for info on meets and membership. The only...
  10. Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers

    I use this one and it clears. I think anyone without that gooseneck part will be fine.
  11. ACE Engineering Bumper

    Here's a pic of mine. You have to drill out the bolt holes a bit and like @JLJeepGuy513 said, trim a bracket but it was pretty easy. Hardest part is getting the winch in there, not a lot of room to work with and if you're using a Warn VR EVO, you have interference with the fogs but it fits...
  12. Michigan Beginner Trails

    If you're playing around near Camp Grayling, there is LOTS of deep sand, so prepare to air down. Also, if it's during the week, you might come around a corner to a tank coming at you!
  13. Northern MI (mitten) trails?

    Snow is melting fast here right now in Southern MI. I haven't been North lately. If there is snow, you are not allowed on any snowmobile trail. Check out this link for trail maps!
  14. What's the craziest thing you've used your winch for?

    I used one to lower a 2000lb gun safe down my basement stairs! Parked it in the garage and ran the rope through 2 doorways. Worked like a charm!
  15. Drummond Island

    The biggest water crossings have bypasses. The water can be deep depending on season.
  16. Curt Echo Bluetooth brake controller... good or bad?

    I have one. I've used it probably 3 times so far towing my pop up to camp sites. It does the job and is easy to use. Retains settings if bluetooth is lost. But, best of all, nothing mounted anywhere on your dash AND you can use it in any vehicle.
  17. 3.6L, 8 AT, 37”: 4.88 or 5.13?

    How do you guys get the little gear subscript on the D? Is this a Tazer thing?
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Not today but yesterday. I need a heated garage! Ace bumper and winch.
  19. Ace Stubby Pic Request

    Just got mine done yesterday! Love it! Took me about 5 hours with winch.