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  1. Spare Tire Cover On or Off?

    The beauty of spare tire is to show it. Not hide it :) So, ditch it.
  2. Made in the USA

    Anything made in China are way cheaper than any local stuff, we all know the reasons. But that is something that we can do our country. Let us try to buy made in America or local stuff as much as possible.
  3. Another Member JLU Collision Report (with video)

    Glad she's alright. It would have been worse with any sedan.
  4. Does anyone have this grille?

    Jeep is a think that you can modify to your taste. You like it - you go for it. I personally like Jeep's original grille, it's a trademark.
  5. FIX for key fob key opening in my pocket every ten minutes.

    Yup, I just do the same. A Jeep key fob hanging to my pant looks stylish :)
  6. Am I mad?

    I have it for about 20 months (my childhood was on Jeeps) and I do have that feeling. A friend asked me how am I enjoying my jeep after over year and half, and I replied "It's different, it's fun. I miss it when I don't drive it". We have only one car for me and my wife (we both work in same...
  7. Here a glitch, there a glitch, everywhere a glitch glitch

    Backup camera lines vanishing is a common issue after software upgrade. It fixes itself after engine off and on. Now I have this glitch - my navigation "Mute Guidance" option grayed out, today entire day, even after engine off and on, off for 8 hours and on. Need to check tomorrow :)
  8. Can I replace the SIM card for wi-fi hotspot in 2018 JL?

    That's the whole reason I asked this question - I being an employee of Verizon, I get unlimited :)
  9. Interior-mounted light bar now available

    I tried this. As Cosine mentioned, I had issues with traffic lights. Though I'm short (5'3"), having difficulty and not very comfortable driving in Bay Area.
  10. Max Tire size for 19 Rubicon NO LIFT

    35" without any lift, fender change. It will simply take 35s. Same with Sahara.
  11. “Express” Oil Change - how long of a wait is reasonable?

    I'm not a DIY guy as far as cars are considered, my other car Honda, on Saturday really in the morning, takes about an hour to hour and half. If I pop in by 7.30, then it is an hour. 7.45, additional half hour(they open at 8). My Jeep, on the other hand, despite an appointment, they asked me to...
  12. Got hit this AM....

    Glad that it's not a damage at all, I would say. Don't worry too much on those 5 months and new jeep, think of it happening to a new BMW :)
  13. What is the point of the limited slip differential?

    I hit a similar situation, my rear passenger was completely on ice, rear driver on partial ice (if I back up a bit, it will be fully on ice) whereas both front wheels on dry pave. It started slipping. I turned into 4WD and it backed up with no effort. Yes, I had to struggle a bit to engage 4Hi...
  14. Is there truth to this?

    Well, during cold starts, there is more fuel injected and when you rev during cold starts and take off, a lot of fuel is unnecessary used (you can see more smoke coming out during first 1-3 minutes). That should be a bigger concern to those environmentalists. So, idling for first couple of...
  15. Why did you buy a Jeep?

    Congratulations. Your son is learning to live his life :)
  16. Can I replace the SIM card for wi-fi hotspot in 2018 JL?

    Exactly. That's the whole reason I want to move out of AT&T
  17. Can I replace the SIM card for wi-fi hotspot in 2018 JL?

    The SIM card that comes in Jeep is from AT&T and they charge anywhere from $20 per GB of wi-fi hotspot per month. Whereas, being Verizon employee, I get unlimited data for $25 a month. Is it possible to swap the SIM card that came pre-installed?
  18. Weird Behavior When Re-Starting with ESS?

    Yes, I do notice the difference between normal start and ESS start. I have '18 JL Sahara (no e-torque). Unless I notice frequent stops (like in a road where lots of lights), I keep it ON always. Not sure if it helps my fuel, but I hope it help burn less fuel.
  19. Help with new all season tires!!!

    Yes you can. Easy fit. No mods required.
  20. Proof

    Family outing to mountains and it snowed :)