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  1. Texas FOX Factory Race Series 2.5 DSC (2"-3") Front Adjustable Shocks. FOX# 883-26-050

    Interested... just checking compatibility with an AEV DualSport RT setup can you send me your current $ to get them to 91913
  2. AEV 2.5 Dualsport With Fox 2.0s?

    I have the AEV dualsport kit on my 2018 JLUR and after almost two years, one of the AEV Bilsteins leaked any suggestions regarding my options of just staying with the AEV Bilstein or going a different route and getting different shocks for the kit?
  3. AEV DualSport Suspension alternate shocks

    After two years and more than a few drives on dirt trails in Baja, one of the Bilstein shocks that came with the AEV dual sport suspension leaked on my 2018 JLUR so I’m looking for some advice should i replace with the same AEV Bilstein tuned shock or take the opportunity to go with a different...
  4. Anyone manage to get an AEV bumper yet?!

    damn it... there are not enough spacers to get that clearance from the stock carrier thanks a lot for the pictures Let me know when you ride through Ensenada so I can pay up
  5. Anyone manage to get an AEV bumper yet?!

    Damn it... this doesn't look good for me. One last measurement. How wide is the top of the bumper? My only hope (I think) is that the spacers on the tire carrier can push the tire out far enough so the bottom clears the bumper Is it possible to take that photo/measurement please? Next time...
  6. Anyone manage to get an AEV bumper yet?!

    I am considering pulling the trigger on the AEV rear bumper but, without the tire carrier option which, per the instructions, they warn you of clearance issues. Is it possible for you to take and share some pictures showing how close and how high the bumper sits just below the bottom of the spare?
  7. Tire Carrier - Need Advice

    Good day - I'm doing my planning and road map to upgrade to a 37" on my 2018 JLUR and, looking at a number of products I saw the RTG Heavy Duty Tire Carrier ( that looks very similar to the Mopar solution. Since I didn't find any reviews...
  8. Rebel Summit Series Rear Bumper Giveaway

    Go Rebel Off Road GO!!!
  9. Driver seat feels loose

    Hey Oscar16, what is the status on your reported issue? I am thinking that I am experiencing a similar thing on my 18 JLRU as I feel a small wobble with uneven surfaces that had me paranoid thinking it was the suspension but, after multiple checks, I think I got it pinned down to the seat
  10. Colorado Mopar Steel Bumpers for Sale!

    Read on the AEV Instagram account that they are now into 4Q mode... anything earlier than that would be a gift of the jeep gods
  11. California 5 x BFG AT KO2 Tires Only from ‘19 Rubicon - only 600 miles

    Tires have been sold... thanks to those that showed interest
  12. California Sold: 5 x BFG AT KO2 Tires Only from ‘19 Rubicon - only 600 miles

    I upgraded the stock tires but kept the wheels as I went with the 315/70R17 tires on the stock wheels after rolling out the dealership for 600 miles. Down it SoCal - San Diego area ready to deal and find them a good home. I also have the suspension components that came off as part of the...
  13. AEV 2.5"

    Very happy camper with my AEV 2.5 setup... I also went ahead and installed the Steer Smarts components including tie rod, drag links and trackbar... did I say I am a very happy camper??? For tires, I kept the stock Rubicon wheels but upgraded to the KO2 315/70R17 and it is just right for my...
  14. California 5 x BFG A/T KO2 285/70R17 Tires takeoffs from Rubicon

    Sounds good... I will be upgrading the stock Rubicon suspension in the next couple of days so maybe you will also be interested in a bundled/packaged deal for tires and suspension components
  15. California WTS: ACE JL Rear Cargo Basket - $300.00

    A couple of questions... your links directs me to the non-adjustable basket... can you please confirm if that is the one for sale? Also, per the photos on the link, it appears that it is secured to one of the bolts of the roof... is that the case?
  16. California 5 x BFG A/T KO2 285/70R17 Tires takeoffs from Rubicon

    Yes Sir... they are the BFG A/T KO2 285/70R17 that came stock with my Rubicon
  17. AEV 2.5"

    I managed to get one of the AEV kits that I’m planning in getting it installed in my JLUR over the weekend... I’ve already upgraded the stock tires to the KO2 315/70R17 as I thought long and hard in the pros & cons of going to the 37’s... based on my specific needs, the 315 (~35’s) will be more...
  18. California Sold: 5 x BFG A/T KO2 285/70R17 Tires takeoffs from Rubicon

    5 taken off after ~600 miles off my new Rubicon as they came stock with it. Asking $800 for them including making delivery in the San Diego area