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  1. Fist Look at Gecko JL Wrangler

    Hypergreen, gecko and mojito
  2. Reality Check for this Jeeper

    You should cancel the order immediately! They don’t deserve your business! Follow your dreams or else every time you see a gecko you’ll be upset! 🙂✌
  3. Fist Look at Gecko JL Wrangler

    Trade it in! You’ll do well on trade in. The way things are going they might only make them for a few months.
  4. Fist Look at Gecko JL Wrangler

    Wow that’s a long way from home! Congratulations! Enjoy it! I’ll be looking for it in CT!
  5. Fist Look at Gecko JL Wrangler

    With the jk hypergreen came out about May/ June 2016. It was then available for a few months as a 2017 and then they offered purple for only 1/2 year. I believe they can only make a certain number of colors at a time. Hypergreen was never available in all models either.
  6. 2021 Jeep JL Islander??

    Be patient. Sounds like Gecko will be out later next year!
  7. 2021 Wrangler Fleet Buyers Guide Shows Gecko, Nacho, and Chief Blue! NO MORE SARGE?

    Hyper is slightly brighter (more yellow) then Gecko. I found this online. So many great colors for 2021!!!
  8. First Time Jeep Buyer - I don’t know what I’m doing

    Have you looked at swaoalease or leasetrader? These are websites where you can take over someone’s lease some are for only 6 months. I have never leased. But believe it or not lots of people buy or lease wranglers and after several months realize it’s not the vehicle for them. Good luck in your...
  9. rate this deal

    looks like its 18% I could have sworn it was previously 20% off
  10. rate this deal

    I think you can do better. But if you want green you have to decide how much its worth to you. I would pay more for a color I like thats no longer being made. Being the last day of the month I would call or stop by if you can. Tell them "I want the jeep I will pay $45 OTD, I can get a better...
  11. Buying a new 2019 vehicle in early 2020

    Wow that sucks! Did you see this one? I belive they are taking 20% off MSRP on 2019's
  12. Any trails in zion?

    I was in the area last year and explored in a rental wrangler. Incredible! Be sure to download maps off line or print them out before you go limited cell service in some areas out there. Enjoy!
  13. Buying Jeep Out of My "Jeep Region"

    I had similar experience when buying a cherokee. I was 2 states away so different region. I was in no rush so I waited... new month came along and incentive changes for my region so I "qualified" for lower price. They also told me price was with chrysler financing or $500 more with my own...
  14. Comparing my new JL to previous JK (First week)

    LOL She should take a ride in my hypergreen JK! Its a toy for me so I love it. My Jk is specd like your old one. Im hoping to get a sport s 2.0 auto in the future in a dull color.;) BTW bikini is an awesome color!
  15. First Sledgehammer Repair to my Jeep

    I just saw the Rampage Products 99306 that was suggested earlier is only $141 on ebay! Im tempted to get one for my JK and I wasnt even looking for a bumper!
  16. JEEP LIFE ●|||||||○

    Yes if its a lease! :devil:
  17. JLUR Stolen: Help track it down!

    According to Turo. A base wrangler is the top earning car. Spoke to my CEO she said no f-ing way! you now how you are about cars.. where are you going to put it? Which car are you going to sell? blah blah blah.... :punch: maybe ill ask again in a few months! ;) If you got the space and can deal...
  18. JLUR Stolen: Help track it down!

    Hope it works out for you. I must admit I considered buying another jeep and just renting it out. My JK I'm too attached too... If I can buy/lease a new one and have a new "toy" for almost free why not? Plenty of exotics listed on Turo so why not a jeep!