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  1. 2018 Wrangler Sahara JLU Roof Rack For Premium Soft Top?

    No updates really. I am waiting for something strong enough to hold a rtt that I could also use for surfboards. I've emailed smittybilt but they keep saying soon. Maybe sometime this summer.
  2. Anyone running the JFTOPS Tonneau Cover

    I'm curious about this too. As stated above, no pricing on the website and of all of the pictures I've seen on his website/facebook page, no Jeeps with their top down. If anyone has any info on this, I'd love to know.
  3. Tops off... Dogs in

    I got a heavy duty harness from k9 outfitters. It took a while to get here after I placed my order but it is great quality! I like that you can adjust the length of the tether so my not-so-brilliant lab doesn’t jump out of the Jeep when he sees a squirrel.
  4. Going from a Luxury SUV to a Jeep - Opinions Please!

    Almost every time I go somewhere someone will stop me to talk to me or ask questions or just comment on how cool it is. Today it happened on three different occasions and all three times it was other Jeep owners. It really is this unique family and an easy way to meet new people.
  5. I think my wife loves my Jeep (and me).

    My wife is 5' and doesn't need the pillow but has a really tough time getting in. Good thing she's athletic! We can't stand the car feeling either. She currently has one and has been regretting it since she traded in her last SUV. Those are amazing! Any idea what they are called or where...
  6. I think my wife loves my Jeep (and me).

    She's kind of funny. The one mod she wanted to make wasn't really a modification at all-it was the addition of a step stool to get in. I'm wondering how many people have a small, foldable step stool or something similar in their Jeep.
  7. I think my wife loves my Jeep (and me).

    Haha! I asked her how she feels about 37" Lol!
  8. I think my wife loves my Jeep (and me).

    Just got back from a long road trip with my wife and kids in our Jeep. My wife started making comments to the boys about how our new Jeep is so much more comfortable than our old TJ, and from time to time commented about how much better the gas milage is and how the overall ride is so much...
  9. How far is too far to do a Jeep Wave?

    The only time I DON'T wave is when I sitting at a light and a Jeep is sitting at the light across the way. It's just awkward and turns into a waving contest. However, when we start moving again, wave on.
  10. Perception vs Reality

    My dog loves the Jeep. I actually just got a new harness from k9USAoutfitters ( that is pretty heavy duty and will hopefully keep our lab safe. Now I just have to find some goggles and a scarf for him so he can look like a WWI fighter pilot.
  11. JLU Rubicon Average MPG?

    I have been getting really good milage on mine-for the most part. Half of my commute is city and half is highway and I am averaging 21-22 mpg. I just got back from a trip to Vermont which was much less stop and go but I was averaging over 26 mpg. Of course I was in that sweet spot of driving...
  12. When did you do your first oil change.....?

    I just got some warranty information in the mail today and it had the service schedule included which stated that the oil change is recommended around 5,000 miles. The service guy at my dealership recommended 3,500 miles. I'm going to do it around 3,000-3,500 miles.
  13. Terrible 2.0 gas mileage?

    I'm at 900 miles now and I am averaging 20-21 miles per gallon on a mix of highway and back roads with 91 octane. At first I was getting 14 miles, but as I figured out my sweet spot for my Jeep I try to stay between 65 and 75 mph. Occasionally, I go a little faster but I don't see much...
  14. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    I've had this for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. Always had a black Jeep so glad to stay in the Black Jeep Club.
  15. Are LED headlights worth $900?

    I had a TJ which obviously didn't have LEDs and my Grand Cherokee didn't either but my new JLUR has them and I love them-in fact, they are one of my favorite features! I just feel like they do such a nice job illuminating that it puts a little less strain on my eyes. I could live with not...
  16. OEM vs OEE windshield replacement.

    I am getting my windshield replaced on Friday. When I contacted the service manager he explained to me that I have two options, OEM and OEE, as mentioned above. I asked what the difference was and he said essentially they are the same except the OEM has the Jeep in the bottom corner and are...
  17. to pay or not to pay for leather seats option?

    As Carlton says, cloth doesn't get too cold on a cold day and feels like it heats up quick with the seat warmers. I chose cloth because in the summer if the jeep has been roasting in the sun with the top down it is more comfortable to sit on once you get back in.
  18. Top down with kids?

    If you have a two and three year old, leave the doors on but put the top down. Mine are older so it's doors off for us! They will absolutely love it when you put the top down!