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  1. Sahara North Edition

    I ordered my North edition Jan 27, and picked it up from the dealer Feb 22. Select trac is standard along with LSD. It does not show on the ordering sheet as an option but is on the sheet that lists standard features. I added the hardtop liner package for the insulation. Love the Jeep and the...
  2. 19 Days order to dealer

    Yes I am lucky as Columbus is only 140 miles from the Jeep Factory. We do not have to rely on rail shipping. Originally the factory quoted a 3-7-20 date for shipping to the dealer. So I was very surprised today by the call.
  3. 19 Days order to dealer

    Ordered Sahara Unlimited North on Jan 27th. Dealer just called and said it arrived this morning. Will pick it up the first of the week
  4. Configuration and Other Questions about buying JL

    Have you looked at the Sahara North package? I just ordered one on Jan 27th to get the items I wanted not at any of the dealers. The car was in Trim (Assemble) at the beginning of this week.
  5. My First JL

    Ordered a Sahara Unlimited North on 1-27-2020. Notified that it is now in Trim. Can't wait for it to show up!