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  1. New Jersey JL Sport Grill

    Is this still available?
  2. Installed Insane Audio JL3001 Head Unit today

    Hi All I just installed my JL3001 and I’m having some issues maybe you great minds can help me with. Playing music from my radio or connected via Bluetooth is crystal clear but the moment I play anything from my CarPlay it sounds like total trash. The quality is terrible, the volume is very...
  3. Show off your DIY painted dash

    Whoo just finished painting my dash and few other pieces Hot Pink. Super easy thanks you everyone’s help here and Huge thanks to @Redbaron73
  4. Is There a Cargo Cover Option?

    Man this is soo nice. Would you be willing to share how you made this!
  5. USB causing stereo to shut off

    Oh Nice im heading the dealership tomorrow did it take long?
  6. USB causing stereo to shut off

    I just bought a 19 JLU and im having the same issues! Did this ever get solved for you? Or any advise thanks