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  1. And my husband said...

    You can download the Jeep Badge Of Honor app to your phone. Tells you where and what all the bade of honor trails are. You can check in from it and everything. That's how I did my last one down in southern Mo anyway.
  2. Magnetic Paint Protection Panels

    Won’t work for a jeep. They will work for other vehicles though. Look up GoatArmor. Guy I wheel with uses them on his 4Runner. They are nice.
  3. Alignment Way Off - Best Place to Take my 392?

    What is the likely hood of the shop who did the install on lights etc went and played in it and hit something to knock it out of allignment? Just another thought....
  4. Prices for Top Lift Pro are going up. Buy it before October 15!

    Link to the Harken Hoister by chance? Ive been racking my brain as to what option to go with.
  5. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue (CEL)

    Ours is part of the "high voltage cable" recall but have not had any issues yet fingers crossed.
  6. Will Rubicon 4XE have the range I need for highway commute?

    Before we did the lift and tires she was getting 27-30mpg not breaking out electric vs gas etc. Now she only gets 20mpg if she's lucky.
  7. Increasing lift size?

    Well, you got ROKY the mad scientist's attention! You should be in good hands now! @Roky
  8. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Hope everyone is safe!!
  9. Using true hybrid mode to maximize MPG of Jeep 4xe

    I tried this on Saturday and although the mileage was better I saw no gain in battery mileage. Personally I would think you would just cause premature wear on the tranny as it wants to hold it in M8 instead of downshifting like normal.
  10. How do I get the front axle LCA bolts out?

    My Milwaukee 1/2 impact wouldn't take them off either. I used a breaker bar to get them off and some elbow grease. Hit it with some penetrating spray as well.
  11. Using true hybrid mode to maximize MPG of Jeep 4xe

    Ive not tried this M8 deal yet. When you do it do you have to manually shift it the entire time?
  12. Leveling and LCAs

    I did the 1.5" teraflex spacer lift on the HA 4xe and also did the Mopar LCA'S and still fighting for the correct caster. Currently waiting for the Geo Brackets to come in to help correct it.
  13. Giveaway!!! KC all NEW Cyclone V2 LED 6-Light ROCK LIGHT KIT

    Jeep looks naked without these. I am in!
  14. Jeep 4XE Compatible Parts & Accessories

    Are those frame mounted? If i found the correct set Mike's Offroad has them for $382.00 right now.
  15. Show Me Your 4xe on 37s

    I can tell you our HA 4xe took a considerable mpg hit going from stock to 33x12.5x17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Not sure what 4xe Rubi's are getting but they have 4:10 vs 3:73....
  16. Magnetic Paint Protection Panels

    anyone run these ever? I looked them up on Morris 4x4 and there is only 1 review.
  17. Lower Control Arm bolts.

    190FT/LBS per @Roky
  18. Recommended Jeep Wrangler Mechanic in St. Louis

    You will need to call them. I don't work for the company... I just know the owners...