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  1. New Audio Build - 2020 Rubicon

    Andrew, thanks for the note. He is still away at college without any way to fabricate new enclosures. He helped me with these as a one-off so unfortunately they are the only pair.
  2. Opinion - BEST MUD FLAPS?

    I have a rubicon with 35” tires that protrude about an 1 1/2” outside the wheel well. i keep my Rokblokz XL front flaps on all the time and remove my rear ones in the summer. With every penny.
  3. DIY Cargo Cover

    Thanks! I used rubber edging that I found on Amazon.
  4. Jl audio stealthbox released

    .6 cu ft. We are using 10" Sundown SD-4s that handle 600w each although we have a 1500w amp on the pair with no problem. The SQ woofers with minimal distortion but when you pair them up, they are pretty loud. You can hear them with the top and doors off because they are under you, We...
  5. Hitch Bike Rack recommendations?

    No that’s not it. The one I ordered was $259 and on prime. It folds down so you can open the tailgate. I’ve hung my carbon bike on it for over a years and across country with no issues. No scratches either. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks for 2 in. Hitch...
  6. Hitch Bike Rack recommendations?

    I’ve used an inexpensive Allen Premier Locking 4-bike for spare tire for the last year with no problems. It installs in the hitch receiver, it’s sturdy and folds out of the way for full tailgate clearance. It is only $259 on Amazon. Just made the drive from Omaha, NE to Scottsdale with 3...
  7. Audio Build - My neighbors are gonna hate me

    David, were you not satisfied with your Hutchinson sub, or are you just restless and want a project?
  8. Huge Screen + Digital Dash For JL (Image Attached)

    I think it is around $1500-1600 but it’s a fully integrated solution. You keep the HD backup cam, you can add more too. It has all the same controls and digital gauges the 8.4” Alpine upgrade screen is and adds a lot of other features. It doesn’t just sit in the Jeep, it is fully integrated...
  9. Huge Screen + Digital Dash For JL (Image Attached)

    That seems kind of strange that it would cover the existing gauges. If you want improved radio options, check out the Stinger and PAC solution. Wish I would not have ordered the Alpine upgrade in mine, I would have gone the Stinger route...
  10. Mopar Doors-off Mirror Kit announced for Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator
  11. Mopar Doors-off Mirror Kit announced for Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator

    I'm kind of confused by the first picture. I get that it's the mirror bracket and a light bracket combined. But it looks like the mirror bracket is inserted into the top hinge. If that is the case, how is a relocation bracket and why would you need round plugs for the doors?
  12. Mopar Doors-off Mirror Kit announced for Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator

    I'm very happy with my CMM mirrors after I swapped out the round mirrors for larger rectangular mirrors. The nice thing about the Mopar mirrors is that they are inside of the outer enclosure so they will be unaffected by wind. Price is essentially the same.
  13. Did anyone install Katzkin leather on their own?!

    I had them send extra material, then I had a local shop sew the two seams with red to match the seats and install. Cost me $100. I was told after the fact that Katskin may have an armrest you can order but can’t confirm.
  14. Did anyone install Katzkin leather on their own?!

    I installed Katzkins in my 2020 Rubicon. The local Katzkin authorized shops were almost all auto accessory stores that employed teens and 20 somethings so I didn't really trust any of them enough to pay them $800-1000 for the install. Of all the DIY stuff I do, this was probably an 8 on a...
  15. Nebraska For Sale - ATP Billet Grab Handles RED

    Sorry Sold. Thanks
  16. Nebraska EAG Spare Tire Relocation Bracket JL or JLU 2018-2021

    Brand New Unused - Seems to be sold out most places - $50 shipped Description FUNCTION - Allows use of 35" spare tire without making contact with the rear bumper. Moves mounting points upward 2.25". CONSTRUCTION - This Bracket is made out of high-quality solid steel, designed as a one-piece...
  17. Nebraska For Sale - Unused DEi Boom Mat headliner kit - Grey - $250 shipped

    Full DEI Boom Mat original headliner kit for 2018 - 2021 Jeep Wrangler JLU 4 door. Brand new in the original box. Purchased last summer but never installed. Paid, $300, selling for $250 shipped. Thanks. Insulate your Jeep Wrangler interior from heat and cold The 1-inch and 1/2-inch thick...
  18. New Audio Build - 2020 Rubicon

    Thanks David. This looks exactly like mine only I didn’t need to use the grills. My pods seated with no problem and have plenty of clearance.
  19. New Audio Build - 2020 Rubicon

    I’m pretty positively I could have gotten .5 cu ft under the seat without raising it. My subs are Sundown SD-4 so they don’t have a pole vent and can be mounted right against the bottom of the enclosure. But I learned I had plenty of room to spare after fabricating mine with the risers in place.